Thursday, February 12, 2009


As of 3:30 today, I am unemployed.....for a week anyway. It's the first time I've been unemployed in as long as I can remember - probably 18 years.

Tonight/tomorrow at about 2 am, or whenever Baby wakes for his second feeding (watch - tonight he'll sleep through!), we will hit the road for my sisters. This is the first time in 8 years that I will not have to call and check in with an office or check email while gone. I don't know what to do with myself.

If I had any second thoughts, they have been assuaged these past few weeks. I have had judges, District Attorneys and other government employees come up to me and tell me I'll not regret this move at all. Several attorneys in private practice have commended me for jumping ship. Today an attorney who had been in private practice and government legal work told me that, "despite the pay decrease, I'd be happy for making the switch." Hmm.....imagine his surprise if he knew I'm getting a pay increase. A rather nice one.
Last week with Daughter being sick, I realized just how nice it will be at the new job to have sick days. Not to feel like I have to be in the office or producing things from home. Not to recalculate in my head how many hours I will have to work the next week to make up for lost time.

Today I saw one of my soon-to-be-new-coworkers in court. They were doing the hearings that I'll be doing soon. She remarked that the docket was short and she'd be done soon. I asked what she did then? She said, "go home." She said that her daughter had a valentine's party at school and she was headed there. Wow! To think I'll soon have that liberty.

I will miss the people here. I'll miss the laughs. I'll miss my assistant a WHOLE lot (but I'm keeping my eyes open for a position for her with me). I'll miss the challenges. I'll miss working with clients. But I won't miss the headaches. Or the phone calls at home after hours (which I got several of last week).

If you can't find me for the next few days, I'm relaxing!! And so I'll leave you with this - a song which my asst has ordered me to play when I walk out the door today -


mssc54 said...

It's an awesome feeling isn't it?

To know that your chosen life is just over the proverbial horizon.

Enjoy, have fun, relax and be the woman you were created to be.

Wife and mother and employee third!


lawyerchik said...

Congratulations!!!!1 I was wondering when that was coming....

Have a WONDERFUL time on your week off, and enjoy!!

beauty said...

Hope you have a blast for the next week.

Many congrats for following through on what your heart was telling you to do. I know you won't regret it.

Joy said...

Relax and enjoy your week "off!" I look forward to hearing about what you did with yourself.

Hope DD is better soon and the rest of you don't get the bug.

Hugs, my friend.

Kahless said...

I am sooooo excited for you!

dm said...

We're excited for you too!!!

Colleen said...

What relief you must feel!! Congrats and God bless.

austin said...

This is so cool! You work and have a life after it, that's very cool.

Rising Rainbow said...

I so excited for you!

I have to say I love your assistant's sense of humor. The song choice is awesome!

April_optimist said...

I'm so glad you're moving into this new job where you will actually be able to have more time for yourself and your family!