Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ahh Relaxation

Last Thursday was the end of an era. It was my last day as an associate attorney. On Thursday night I packed. At 2 am Friday morning we hit the road. The Baby was great on the drive up. We got to my sister's house about 11am.
I ate way too much food. Cookies, valentine's day chocolate, coffee (the good kind) and ice cream. Played a lot. Baby slept horribly there but I had lots of people willing to take a turn with him so I got to sleep in some.
On Friday we celebrated Christmas with my sister. Had a lot of fun. My husband received a hilarious, slapstick movie which we all watched. The kids played with all their toys. My niece was in love with Baby and just doted on him.
Saturday was Valentine's Day. Plus we celebrated Daughter's birthday. Have to celebrate the holidays when we can. On Sunday we went to church with Sister in their new building. It was fun to see the new place. I love the music at their service.
The highlight of Sunday was meeting up with Kim, another blogger. This is the second time we have met. It was so much fun to see her. Her daughter is simply adorable and our girls have lots of fun together. We met at an indoor fun park and the two of them had fun blowing (I mean enjoying!) our money. Kim sent us home with a tray of homemade, simply delicious cookies. I hate to say that Sister and I ate most of them during the drive home. We did save a few for the men and children.
Sunday evening Sister and I went out to see a movie. The guys stayed home and watched a race on TV and cared for the kids. We drove back Monday. It wasn't such a smooth trip. Baby was fussy. But we made it.
Today is my last day off. I start my new job tomorrow. I'm a bit anxious. Change does that to me. I decided to really concentrate on ME today. I did a tiny bit of unpacking and have put laundry in. But it's not folded. I used a gift card I had been given and treated myself to a massage. Then drove through the coffee store for a fruit smoothie. Onto get a hair trim. Then colored my hair at home. Now I'm sitting on the coach in sweats, watching daytime TV and munching. I'll nap in a bit. This is the life. Maybe someday I'll win the lottery and do this everyday.


jumpinginpuddles said...

sounds liek you needed this tiem out before you head down a new road we are so excited for you:)

Joy said...

So glad you had a good week! I missed you while you were away.

Praying for you and your new job tomorrow. Hope the jitters calm some.

Hugs, friend!

quacks like a duck said...

Your day is gonna be great, likely exhausting but great!!
I'm so glad you took some time off in between.

Ethereal Highway said...

Sounds good, Enola. And now to start the new job. I hope it is wonderful and just what you and your family need.

Anonymous said...


I think the only better feeling of getting to the destination you are visiting is the feeling you get when you pull back into your home driveway and climb into your very own bed!

What was the movie your hubby got?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time. Blessings for tomorrow!