Sunday, February 8, 2009

Random Stuff

  1. Daughter has the flu. She is now feeling well enough to want to run around and play, but then gets tired and cranky. Well enough that she doesn't want to nap, but cranky enough that she needs it. It's been a LONG day.
  2. It was a long night. Daughter was up several times, as was Baby. At 4 am, I'd nursed Baby 3x and had finally let him sleep on me for the last 3 hours. He fussed again and Hubby says, "I need to go to the couch. I can't do this getting up all the time." That prompted a "not so nice" response from me. One night and he can't handle it? Welcome to my 7-days a week world.
  3. Hubby stayed up way too late watching racing. Drank too much caffeine and was awake even later (probably prompting #2 above). Apparently he was flipping channels too. He asked me this morning to cancel our expanded cable because there are too many "temptations" out there. While I'm glad he is humble and honest enough to make this request, it is a bit annoying that he won't do it himself.
  4. It is in the high 60s today - may even reach 71 degrees. I opened up the house. It feels wonderful. I have re-Lysol-ed every surface and re-washed all the linens, towels, blankets, etc. I hope I've eradicated all the sick germies.
  5. Husband says he isn't feeling great. Neither am I. Mine is lack of sleep and too much stress. His is probably being cooped up in the house and the fact that he wants to run around barefoot and in shorts and a T-shirt. It's not that warm.
  6. My mother responded to my note about the flu with an email that said "be sure to keep us updated." That prompted a panic attack because I assumed she meant she and Toilet. Then I realized she had hit "reply all" and was emailing both Sister and I. So giving her the benefit of the doubt, she probably meant us as in Sister and I.
  7. Baby has had a 4 day virus over October (hospitalized), RSV and all sorts of stomach issues. Daughter has had a cold, and now the flu. Hubby has had a nasty cold. I think we are due for a break. If we have to cancel another trip to Sister's due to illness, I'll be mad.
  8. Why can't baby nap more than 30 minutes? I need to nap too, but by the time I get done fixing lunch, he is awake.
  9. I really really hope Daughter can go back to school tomorrow. I can't take another day at home with her whiny-ness. Five days of being patient with a sick pre-schooler is enough.
  10. I hear hubby doing the dishes. Finally - I've cleaned and re-cleaned this house multiple times over this weekend. I'm glad he is finally helping out. And he just promised Daughter he'd watch a movie with her. Woo-hoo. I can't possible stomach Dora Snow Princess again. Now if I let baby nap on me.....maybe I can doze too.


Ethereal Highway said...

I can't take the germs anymore, either. I need it to end already.

austin said...

A friend of mine just said yesterday that if she has to watch Dora one more time she'll scream. LOL When I saw that on here I burst out laughing. I guess it's torture sitting through it repeatedly. LOL

When the dog whines and I can't do anything to make him happy it grates my nerves. The good thing is I can put him outside all day with no emotional damage to worry about....not so with kids I guess. I'm tempted often to drug the dog to make him calm down and shut up. Why drug myself when he's the problem right? Again, can't do that with kids without emotional fall out.


beauty said...

We've all been sick around here, passing it back and forth...from Izzy and her parents, to my youngest son, to me, to Maddy, then Anna and now Sissyface. Nothing more dreary than dealing with sickness and germs day in and day out.

Dora? Ah, that's what Maddy asks for every time she comes over. I have it On Demand, so I automatically turn it on for her; it keeps her happy while the adults visit. I know all the songs by heart, I know everything about that show--I'm an expert on Dora without even trying.

Anonymous said...

When my dad was still alive he had only one lung and that lung had emphazima (sp).

I bought him an Austin Air (Healthmate) air purifier. They are designed to remove the particulate matter as well as remove gasses from the indoor environment.

When the kids start getting sick here I just plug in one of my air scrubbers and clean up the air.

It's remarkable what a difference clean indoor air will make.

If funds are tight you can try putting some cheesecloth on the inside of your registers. That will allow the air to escape but will also remove some of the particulate matter that keeps cycling through your system.

jumpinginpuddles said...

uggh babies and sick kids ugg, but warmer weatehr does bring warmer thoughts well thats what i reckon anyway

Marj aka Thriver said...

My son has always done the same thing when sick--not really nap and run around. Ugh! The "not THAT warm" comment made me laugh. Here in Colorado, the sun is almost always shining and people think it's warm. You see peeps wearing flip flops year-round. It's crazy!

Sending up healing vibes and prayers.

Kahless said...

I love these random catch-up lists. They are great!

I had a cold on holiday this week.