Sunday, February 22, 2009

Simple Sunday

Friday was supposed to be Girls' night where my girlfriends came over to scrapbook. Husband was taking Daughter to his folks, ostensibly to pick up the dog. But really it turned into an overnight hunting (Rabbit is still in season) trip.

At about 4:15 Husband called. Daughter had been laying around lethargic all day at daycare. We had assumed it was the "my tummy hurts AKA I want to stay home all day and play" bug. But that afternoon she was warm with a fever and pretty miserable. So I cancelled everyone coming to my house. Husband stayed home. Daughter laid on the couch. I went grocery shopping. We all went to bed early.

Saturday I woke up and washed my hair (again) with dish detergent. I had colored it on Tuesday and it came out way too dark. Instead of medium brown with auburn streaks, it was black with purple streaks. We have Baby's pictures scheduled next weekend and I didn't want to have purple hair. So I asked Husband about my going to get it fixed at the salon. Four hours and $145 later, my hair had been stripped and re-dyed. It is now medium brown with lighter streaks. Lighter than I like, but more natural looking.

Saturday evening we learned our tax refund had been deposited. Yippee!! We paid off our credit card - it was a 12 month same as cash one we used to build our fence last year. It was due in March or interest would accumulate. So we paid off that, as well as all the medical bills from delivery of Baby and his hospitalization and all the medical tests. We also paid off my braces and my malpractice insurance. Now we've freed up enough to pay down a school loan. This year we've paid off both cars. So at the present we have our mortgage/equity line and three school loans. We're getting there.

We had a church member lose her mother to cancer this weekend. Some of the church travelled by church bus to the neighboring state for the service. It was going to be a late night and I knew we couldn't go with the baby. So I volunteered to keep children for those that wanted to go.

My in-laws came up for lunch and to return the dog. My MIL had already planned lunch so she brought it with her - chicken pie, mashed potatoes, slaw and green beans. Yummy! They stayed awhile and just left. Then the kids arrived - a 5 year old boy who is just a few weeks younger than Daughter. And his 7 year old sister. You'd think it would be louder here. But actually the kids entertain each other. Husband and I are sitting here, baby on our laps, watching TV and surfing the net.

It's been a nice simple, quiet weekend. Oh and Baby was up 2x Fri night (with a 5 hour stretch) and 1x last night (with a 6 hour stretch). Yeah!


Ethereal Highway said...

Purple streaks? I had green hair once. I tried to fix it with Tide. I had to have a hairdresser take care of it. Since it was him blunder that turned me into a giant Leprechaun in the first place.

Ethereal Highway said...

Him blunder? Oh, boy. My brain... time for some Diet Pepsi.

Joy said...

I wish we got a tax return. :( Sadly, we pay every single year. WAAH!

Hope your hair settles into what color it's going to be and you like it!!