Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sometimes the Past pops up in odd places - flu bug

The flu bug has hit our house. My daughter has had an upset tummy off and on since Tuesday. She's been coughing and had a runny nose despite an antibiotic. She's just been down and out - not eating, sleeping a lot and saying she doesn't feel good. Last night she spiked a pretty high fever. Still had it this morning so I took her back to the doctor. Despite all of us except the baby having the flu shot, she has guessed it....the flu. Apparently this strain wasn't covered by the shot.

I asked about Tamiflu and it is too late for her. The pediatrician said Husband and I could call our doctors about it. It can be preventative if taken early. But she told me there were some psychiatric side-effects. I looked it up when I got home and this is the warning with it -

Some instances of self–injury and delirium with the use of TAMIFLU in patients with the flu have been reported

Well......guess I won't be taking it. It's also not recommended for nursing moms. So we'll just hope and pray no one else gets it. I've spent the day Lysol-ing the house, washing every possible surface and item. We've got Daughter quarantined in her bedroom with the DVD player and lots of covers and fun stuff.

It's funny how mental health issues can pop up in the strangest places. My Sister was just diagnosed with gastroparesis and can't take the medication normally prescribed because the side effects are anxiety and depression. With her mental health history the doctor said it wasn't a good idea.

A year or so ago, this would have made me furiously mad. I would have gone off on a tirade about how Toilet stole everything and now I couldn't even take certain medications. Now, I just quirk my mouth in an ironic smile and shake my head. It's annoying. But that's all. I think maybe, that's healing?


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I have placed the little one in my prayers for a speedy recovery from that damned flu.

I truly believe that Western medicine has sold us short by separating issue of the mind from issues of the body. I also believe that that is being corrected through the practice of wholestic medicine and a better understanding of the concepts of Oriental medical practice.

beauty said...

I think, maybe, you're right!