Friday, March 13, 2009

22nd Carnival Against Child Abuse

Check it out - the 22nd Carnival Against Child Abuse is up at Rising Rainbow's blog.

This edition's theme is "Telling the Secret"


Anonymous said...

I get so angry when I find out that some grown person (especially a man) has abused a child it makes me want to just beat the tar out of them.

Then I think... How much sense does that make?

When we got our little guy (in May '06) he was two years old. His bio-father used to leave marks on him with a friggn belt!!

We are (all) in therapy now. Even though it's been nearly three years since we've gotten them the little guy just melts down (screaming, crying, yelling) when his principal has to call daddy. The voice mail I got last month I couldn't even hear the what the principal was saying from all his screaming and crying "NO, NO, NO WAHHHH..." I cried. :(

I hate that I hate child abusers. But I do.

Enola said...

Mssc - ehh I like you better knowing you hate child abusers. I know we're not supposed to hate, but I do. I also hate those that know about it and do nothing.

jumpinginpuddles said...

great advertisement for the carnival, very clever

Marj aka Thriver said...

Thanks so much, Enola, for your ongoing promotion and support of the carnival. You rock! And I like the visuals you used, too.