Monday, March 16, 2009

The Economy and Work

The downturn in the economy is really hitting my job. As people lose their jobs or their hours are cut back, they seek a reduction in child support. People who have never needed government assistance are applying for help. Most of the cases are legitimate - meaning these are people down on their luck, trying their best. However, you do get some that are just lazy. The ways in which they try to justify their actions is humorous at times.

Gentleman in custody. In court for failure to pay child support. He stands up and says he is also under a bond for a charge of selling drugs and asks us to lower our bond so he can just have the one bond to pay. He says, "well your honor, that there child support agent was so scary and mean, that I just knew I had to do whatever I could to get money. So I sold some drugs to pay my child support." Needless to say the Judge wasn't impressed - informed this guy he had just admitted to a crime and incriminated himself.

Female in custody for not paying child support. She was supposed to have put in applications for 7 jobs per week until she found one. She whines that she can't find enough places to apply. Judge asks if she applied at McDonalds or other fast food places. The girl sneers and says, "I ain't workin' no place like that." The Judge asks about her last place of employment and the girl names a night club where she was an "exotic dancer." The Judge remarks, "so flippin' burgers is beneath you, but stripping your clothes off and giving lap dances is not?"

Gentleman ordered to do community service until he found a job. Suddenly he is employed the next day. Guess he figured that if he was going to have to work anyway, he might as well get paid.

Not-so-bright fella says he can't find work. He doesn't have a car. He has been paying his girlfriend $40 per week to drive him to his relative's business (across the county) so he can work a few hours. When asked why he didn't pay his $50 a month child support obligation instead of $40 per week in transportation fees, he looked confused. He never did understand why his math didn't add up.

Another bloke says he can't pay his child support. We ask his relevant contact information and he gives a cell and a home phone. When asked why he needed both, he said he needed to be able to text his friends. After more questioning, we also found out he had satellite, was wearing brand name clothes, had just returned from a beach vacation, and smoked cigarettes. He didn't understand the concept of luxury versus need.

A guy up for a child support hearing requests a paternity test. When asked why he signed the birth certificate if he had doubts he was the daddy, he says, "well we was married at the time." Why did you marry her? "Because she was pregnant with my child."


Ethereal Highway said...

That second to the last one is especially irking. I think it's awful that some people will provide themselves with extras while their children are short on necessities. How mean.

hearttoheart said...

That felt like reality TV- Judge Judy or something like that :-) I think you have the making's for a TV show on your hands..this stuff is better than the stuff those script writers come up with.

mssc54 said...

When we went to court in October of '07 the judge orderded the bio-father to take his pay stub down to the court and get signed up for child support. We've never seen a cent from either parent.

They do have money for beer, liquor, cigarettes and drugs though.

And, oh yeh, they love their kids too!

We are just waiting for their medical records to come in so we can review them, negotiate a monthly stipend (per child) and get a court date to finalize the adoption.

Sigh, I really just want to slap them some times. But that would make ME that bad person.