Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Email Ban

I am still at home. I have been checking emails and doing some stuff from home. Three different people at my new job told me "quit checking emails and go to bed!" Gee -it's nice to be wanted - LOL.
I had my appointment with the urologist. The stone has moved a bit. Actually he said I have one "good sized rock" and many stones. I probably always have had and will have stones. That explains the sudden pains I get sometimes. I thought they were body memories from the abuse. Maybe, maybe not. He said most people pass small smooth stones with no problem. But these big jagged ones are tough. He gave me about a 50% chance of passing this one. He wants me to try to pass it before trying surgery because with surgery there is the risk of damaging the urethra and making it hard to pass future stones.
So on the heavy meds through the weekend. He then gave me a prescrip for some slightly lower pain meds to try on Sunday. If I can manage on those, then I can go to work on Monday on those. I go back on Wed. If I've passed the stone, I'll have some follow up tests. If not, I'll be scheduled for surgery (outpatient).
He told me that it was my choice to stay on or go off the one medication. It is the one preventing me from breastfeeding. But it helps with urine output which helps pass the stone. So I decided to stay on it through Friday since I would be pumping during weekdays anyway. Then I may go off it and nurse on the weekend.
Husband was funny this morning. He was up with Baby three times last night. I finally offered to go out to the couch so he could put Baby in bed with him. Baby sleeps better there, but it's not safe to co-sleep when I'm drugged. This morning I asked Husband how he liked the "night shift" and he said "I have a whole new appreciation for you." Ahh, nice to be appreciated!
Here's another funny. Yesterday at the health clinic I took a urine test. Then walked into the exam room. The NP walked in and said, "you're pregnant." I said, "WHAT?" All the blood left my body. She said, "yeah, the prenatals." It took me a second but I realized she was asking if I was pregnant because I was taking prenatals. Not because she had read my urine results. Whew! Glad that was sorted out. I'm not pregnant. Yeah! Kids are great. I love my Baby. But not ready for another one. (Although I'll take labor 10x over before another kidney stone).


Ethereal Highway said...

It's good that the stone has moved! I bet you're going to come through quite well. Hopefully the doctor gave you a strainer so they can find out what kind of stone it is. Then they can give instructions that might help to prevent future stones.

It all sounds painful and stressful, Enola, but I'm glad you have basic good health backing you up. I hope it will soon be over.


Kahless said...


Hope you piss the stones out soon!

DM said...

Wow...10 times worse than labor..didn't realize kidney stones could be that painful- not that I've ever been in labor..I did have my shoulder dislocate a couple of times and wouldn't wish that on anyone.

I could feel the sudden panic when you heard the words "you're pregnant" right throught the computer... take care. dm

beauty said...

I've seen someone in pain from kidney stones before...yikes. I really feel for you. Hope you pass the stone soon, Enola.