Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ouch - Pain - Trigger - Kidney Stone

I woke up this morning feeling weak but I needed to go to work. New job - no sick time. Plus I just have this overly responsible gene that drives me bonkers if I call out sick. I had some mild cramping but figured it was remnants of the illness. I kept feeling like I needed to go to the bathroom but could not go. So I decided to take advantage of the employee health clinic ($5), suspecting it was a UTI. As I sat there waiting, the pain intensified. They said my urine was full of blood and called my regular doc to schedule me for further testing. My regular doc couldn't see me until 2pm. I went back to the office and signed documents and checked emails. Then drove toward home. It was hurting much worse. I called the doc to try to get in earlier, but they didn't have an opening.
The pain was intense. When I was almost home, I had to pull over. I got sick from the pain and started to pass out. I was 1 block from the ER so I made my way there. It was packed full. But here's a tip for you - vomitting and passing out in the waiting room gets you bumped up quickly. I had called my Husband and he was great. He was firm, but polite and insisted they see me quickly. Poor guy - he's sure not used to a crying wife. Not something he's seen often.
They finally got me into a closet of a room so I could lie down. I was vomitting, passing out and crying. I would give birth 7 times over without medication before I'd experience that again. The nurse came in to start an IV and I asked if it had drugs. She said no - just rehydrating solution. I cried. The pain med doc then came in and noticed I was breastfeeding so said, "oh I'll have to get the doctor to see if you can have these drugs." I said "He can have formula. Give me drugs NOW!" She did. Two doses of morphine and some phenegren later and I finally felt better. The room was spinning, I saw 6 heads on most people and I thought I could fly - but darn if I cared.
The morphine helped. Next time I go for any medical procedure, I want that. I had to get into a hospital gown, have a pelvic exam with a young male doctor, have a CAT scan and ride in a wheelchair (think tall man walking behind you and talking to you). I was also in a teeny tiny room. But it really didn't bother me. It helped immensly that Husband was there too.
So the results are in - kidney stone. Or as the tech joked, a kidney boulder. It's rather large. Very slim chance of it passing. So I have an appointment with an urologist tomorrow. Probably surgery. Blech. The ER said I could try to go home with drugs, but if it gets worse to come back for IV drugs. The doctor said not to try to go without meds but to take them on time, even setting an alarm clock to take at night.
No nursing. Not on all these meds. Poor Baby. He's had some formula and does fine. But if I'm holding him, he wants to nurse. And of course, I can't go days without holding him.
I have to brag on Husband. For all the times he drives me batty sometimes, he is great in these situations. I called and just said, "I'm going to ER. Meet me there." He came right over. I was getting nauseous and he immediately got me a barf bag and into a private waiting area. He demanded someone get me meds immediately. He asked all the questions that needed to be asked. Held my head while I got sick. Half-carried me to the bathroom and helped me with all the urine cultures. Helped me pump and then went in the other room to dump the "liquid gold" down the sink, knowing that would be painful for me to watch. Went to the pharmacy and picked up my meds. Then got the paperwork to fill out COBRA election. He did say a few nasty words directed toward insurance (LOL). We had hoped to avoid COBRA. But now we are paying it, plus my deductible, plus my 10%. And had to pay full price for the meds because it shows insurance as cancelled. Then we'll seek reimbursement. He also called work and told them he'd be out tomorrow so he could drive me to the urologist.
I keep making comments about something else I'm worrying/stressing about - work, court, bills, etc. Husband keeps saying, "don't worry about it. It will be fine." He keeps assuring me that the Baby will do just fine on formula.
My T remarked that I ought to avoid taking Cipro if possible because she's noticed several women who have had depressive episodes while on it. I asked if they had a substitute but they said this was really the best and it was for 5 days only (instead of usual 10). So I'm going to take it. Figure with all the other meds, I'll be too drugged to be depressed. But Husband said he'll keep a close eye on me.
I think I'm rambling....the drugs are good :) Think it's time for a nap.


Ethereal Highway said...

Oh, Enola. That sounds terrible. You poor thing. I hope you can get it removed really, really soon. I'll be thinking of you and wishing the very best for your health (and for the power of the pain meds).


Kahless said...

Thinking of you and hope you get better ASAP.

oh, and I have had morphine too. It is a beautiful drug.

lawyerchik said...

That DOES sound pretty awful, Enola! I'm glad your husband was there when you needed him, and also that you managed to keep a bit of a sense of humor about the whole thing..... [kidney "boulder" - sounds funnier than it feels, I am sure!!]

Hang in there - this, too, shall pass!! (Sorry - couldn't resist!!) :)

quacks like a duck said...

Oh no!! That sounds so terrible.
Please take good care of yourself.

Tamara (TC) said...


I had heard that kidney stones (boulders) are extremely painful. Thank goodness you were so near the ER! Glad the drugs are working so well and hope you are better very soon.

I am sorry that I have disappeared for so long. Think I have pulled myself and my life back together and am here to stay. I have missed you.


Anonymous said...

Praise for such a husband!

May it be done with very soon.

jumpinginpuddles said...

oh god i would have freaked thats a lot of pain