Friday, March 6, 2009

Random Updates - the Highs and Lows

Work is going well. I'm really enjoying what I'm doing. I am the lawyer for three sections of the Department of Social Services - Adult Protective Services, Program Integrity and Child Support. All are growing areas. There are other attorneys that handle Child Protective Services - I don't think I could handle working in that area.

With the economy declining, more and more people are applying for government financial assistance. Those that have physical custody of children and receive government benefits must seek child support. Other people have lost their job or been laid off and need their child support modified. Program Integrity is huge - basically it is prosecuting welfare fraud. Child Support is my biggest responsibility but I have the most knowledge of that area. Adult Protective Services (APS) is very interesting, but sad. With the troubled economy, more and more well-meaning children can't care for their aging parents as they should. More and more elderly are left alone while their caregivers try to work. More and more caregivers can't afford to purchase the items the elderly need, including medications.

One of the program managers told me she had received several emails from case workers saying that I had done well in court. That pleased me. It's nice to know that people are talking about me in a good way. And that I didn't mess up too bad on my first day in court all on my own. It was a slower day - we just had slightly over 200 on the docket.

Since I am working a flex schedule now, I am off at 12:30 on Fridays. My Daughter is experiencing some sibling jealousy. So today I picked her up early. We went and had coffee (me - a milkshake for her) at a bookstore. Then did some grocery shopping and picked up some treats for her. She was in heaven. It was good to get to talk to her too.

The low part - the partner from my old firm that I worked most closely with and that had a health scare in December -- he has cancer. He beat cancer years ago. But it is back and he's been given months to live. He has two children my age, three grandchildren and one more due in September. He's pretty young - not quite 60 I don't think. It's sad. He was supposed to take over my cases and wrap them up. He's not able to do that now. I contacted the partners to let them know I'd do whatever I could to help. There is only one other attorney there with any experience in family law - and he's been wanting to get out of that area for awhile. The partners are meeting this weekend to figure out what to do. My current job allows me to do side work as long as it is on my time, and I've been contemplating doing some uncontested work. So if I can work out a fee arrangement and malpractice coverage, I might try to help out with some things.

I was supposed to get paid today. Just for 3 days of work, but it was something. Our checks are direct deposit. However, your first check (and this is my first) is a paper check. It is sent to your supervisor. Well, my supervisor was out today. So my check is in his mailbox somewhere I suppose. Good thing I wasn't desperate.

And now it is bedtime. It's bad enough the Baby wakes up 3-4 times a night, but now I'm going to lose an hours sleep tomorrow too.


Ethereal Highway said...

What sad news about the partner from the old firm. And it looks like the economy is pounding a lot of us into the ground. No wonder your county could afford to hire another attorney to go after child support. They couldn't afford not to.

Colleen said...

Nice to hear that your work is going well. God bless.

prochaskas said...

Wishing your sleep tonight, however brief, is truly restful.

Kahless said...

Dont take on more work than your health allows.

It seems I am hearing a lot of people have cancer at the moment.

jumpinginpuddles said...

its really terrible hearing the news coming out of the states, its so hard to not get mad at the people who let it get this way, its not the first time we have said thank god we live in australia.
We suffered a recession fifteen years ago and we know only too well the pain of how bad it got before it got better

dm said...

Thanks for the general update! I've wondered how your new job has been going.- later DM

mssc54 said...

Onething about being an attorney for DSS, you will never be laid off for lack of work. I'm not sure I would want that responsibility. Peoples very lives depend on the outcome of their cases.

So sad about your former employer. Fortunately he has some time to say things to his family that he may have been putting off.

Careful about taking on more work. Wasn't that one of the reasons you left? If you do perhaps considering a special fund for that "extra money" for some special family thing or something.

Keep up the good work. People are relying on you.

Casey said...

Enola...I am so sorry about your former employer. I know from your previous posts...that you liked and hold him in high esteem.

I think you are bright and determined enough not to take on too much...but I have to say, I was pleased to find you went over to the new position. I have found when I worked with people who were down and out in many ways...they offered me much, at least as much as I could offer them.

My hat off to can be heart hurting work, but you will thrive. You understand pain.


Tamara (TC) said...


Glad that you are enjoying your new job and receiving kudos from coworkers. I am sorry to hear about your coworker from your old firm. It is admirable that you want to help out all you can. I hope you don't spread yourself too thin.


Marj aka Thriver said...

Congrats on a job well-done at work. I gotta say, sometimes I really miss feeling like a viable person out in the working world, contributing my expertise on things. I'm sorry about your old co-worker. I'm sending up prayers and health vibes.