Monday, March 23, 2009

A Sick Day

We've all had colds here. I was the last to get it. Made it to Sunday school and came home because I was coughing so hard I knew I'd disrupt service. Took it easy yesterday and was feeling better by nighttime. Woke up for the 2 am feeding and noticed I felt a bit off. At 3 am, I barely made it to the bathroom. I stayed there for several hours. I can't remember ever being so suddenly and violently ill.

At 4:30 I heard the Baby cry and my husband get up. He finally found me and I croaked out, "feed him a bottle. I'm dying." They went back to bed. About 7 I crawled out to the couch. Husband made a quick dash to the store to pick up some gingerale and gatorade. I have to keep hydrated so I can nurse/pump. Husband took the kids onto school.

I called out sick - I don't have any sick days so guess it will be unpaid. Logged onto the computer so at least I have work email access. This is my first sick day at the new job, so not quite sure what the "rules" are. I did call in and email the main people I thought would be affected.

I did not want my husband or anyone else around me. I do not want them to catch this. On the other hand, I can't help but think how nice it would be to have a mommy figure right now. Someone to hold my hair out of my face while I'm sick, put a cool rag on my forehead, help me shuffle back to the couch, cover me up when I'm shivering and pull the covers off when I'm sweating. Someone to fill up my gingerale cup and fetch the TV remote for me. Someone to tell me that this will pass and I'll feel better soon.

My mom never did that. She would get us settled in our room with a bucket and that was about it. However, despite not having experienced mothering when sick, I knew how to do it anyway when my Daughter was sick. I crawled right in bed with her and held her - caring less about germs and such. I think some things are just instinctual.

And now - it is 8:30 am and the offices I need to call should be open. So a few phone calls and a nap.


Anonymous said...

Awww, that stinks! Wish you had somebody there to snuggle and take care of you. Of course they would need some miracle "germ-fending-off" gene.

It says a lot about your character that you feel the need to accomplish something for your employer when you are so ill.

Healing prayers!

beauty said...

I hope you start feeling better soon, Enola!

Kim said...

Feel better. Rest & drink, rest & drink, rest & drink!!!!

lawyerchik said...

Hope you feel better soon, Enola. Here is a virtual cool washcloth across your forehead, and a fresh gingerale for you. Sleep lots!

Anonymous said...

May God comfort you in your illness -- and get you out of it quickly!

Ethereal Highway said...

I hope you're feeling better.