Monday, April 13, 2009

Back to Reality

It's Monday. I don't mind though. It is kind of nice to get back into a somewhat normal schedule after all the illness and everything. We're still trying to figure out how T-ball fits into our lives. Amazing how one simple activity can throw us for a loop. I think we decided that Husband will try to play basketball every Tuesday evening and work out every Thursday morning and maybe some Fridays at lunch. I'll work out when I can - the baby's nursing makes my schedule a bit more difficult to finagle. I am scheduled for two all day scrapbook events in the next two months. That makes me happy!

My sister and her clan came down late Thursday. Her oldest is turning 10 next week. Yikes! Makes me feel old. He is a whole new child after switching schools and getting away from a bully-situation. My sister and her husband are having to sacrifice a lot to pay for private school - even more when they move the other two over there. But it's so much better for the kids. The 8 year old girl and my little one played dolls. The 6 year old boy and my daughter ran around too. The baby just enjoyed being held all the time.

On Friday we all went for a hike through the jogging trail/park. It's a 2 mile paved path as wide as a one-lane road. It swirls around a hill. Off the road, there are trails where kids ride mountain bikes and such. We alternated between the paved path and trails. Probably walked 4 miles total. Let our 5 year old ride in the jogging stroller some while I carried Baby in a sling. Then he road in the stroller some too. At the end, the 6 year old was holding my 5 year old on his lap and we were pushing them.

Saturday we hiked down to the playground park. Walked some trails, fed some ducks and swang on the swings. That is the most exercise I've had since before I was pregnant. A long cry from the days we'd hike 10-15 miles in a weekend.

The Baby is better. Poor thing is on an oral steroid 2x a day, antibiotic 2x a day, allergy meds 1x a day, nebulizer 2-3 x a day. Plus laxative 2x a day as needed. And his tooth just popped through so he's needed tylenol as well. He is happy though. And chubby. Finally put on some cute chubbiness. He is rolling all over now and can keep himself sitting upright a bit.

Sister and her husband are having marital issues again. My husband and I made it through with only one disagreement - and it occurred after 2 sleepness nights at midnight with a screaming baby that had to be walked. We've decided those don't count. Anything said in the wee hours after no sleep is ignored!

We've decided the dog is overweight. Her hips are starting to bother her a lot. So we need to stop the people food scraps. Decided to throw the scraps into a bucket instead and try our hand at composting. I'm hoping I can start walking in the evenings some. I can take the baby - he enjoys looking at all the sights.

Nothing else much new here. Working on a post to submit to the blog carnival.


mssc54 said...

I made a huge mistake and took the kids on a little half mile hike on a mountain trail last week. I had my "air cast" on but I was pretty much laid up the entire next day. The kids had a blast though. We even scared up a wild turkey.

Glad the baby is better.

I coached T-ball and the parents are worse than the kids are. lol

Be careful composting meat products.

I use an old coffee can to put our kitchen scraps in and have to empty it every other day if not every day. I keep two cans (with lids) and rotate them through the dishwasher when not in use.

Marj aka Thriver said...

Glad the baby doesn't have RSV. Whew! Also glad you got in some walking and time outdoors.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Poor little baby! I pray healing come soon.

T-ball was an interesting activity when my oldest played. It was our first endeavor as parents into organized kids' sports. Overall, I'll say that we enjoyed soccer more.

Blessings to you all.

April_optimist said...

Glad your baby is better. Sounds like a good plan for exercise. I have to admit all of mine, when my kids were little, was chasing after them!