Monday, April 27, 2009

General Update - Random Thoughts

Lack of sleep is making me not think coherently so a bulleted, general update seems best.

  • I spent three days last week at a conference. Learned a lot, drove a lot, missed a lot of sleep.

  • Five year old "Munchkin" is getting around quite well on her cast. It is very difficult to keep her calm and still. She's missing a birthday party this week because there is no way I'll be able to keep her off the indoor play yard. I am letting her go to the outdoor birthday party.

  • Baby "Bugaboo" is up far too often. He was up at 8, 9, 10:30 and 1:30 last night before I handed him off to my husband. Husband says he was up at 1:30, 3:30 and then he brought him back at 4:30. Something has to give.

  • I've had a ton of emails asking why we have $10,000 in medical bills if we have insurance. It was an estimate, but it figures like this -

Having the baby (sept - my ins) - $750 deductible + our 10% up to $3,500 maximum = $3,750

Baby in hospital (Oct - Husband's ins) - $500 deductible + our 10% up to $1,500 maximum = $2,000

New Year = new deductibles and out of pocket maximums

Baby's latest illness - $300.00 (because haven't met deductible yet) plus $50 in medications and nebulizer.

My kidney stone (ER visit - old ins) - $400.00 to purchase continuing insurance between old and new job + $750 deductible + 10% up to maximum = $4,100

My kidney surgery - (new insurance) - $500.00 copay plus 10% out of pocket maximum up to $2,000 = $2,500

Daughter's leg - (husband's insurance) - $500.00 deductible plus 10% up to out of pocket maximum for x-rays - probably will be $500.00. Cast not covered - $25.00 is our portion. Three separate doctors visits - $20, 20, and 30. We have several follow up visits and at least one more cast. Praying no surgery is required.

Then we have the kindergarten physical (20), the 6 month shots visit (20), ear infection follow up (20) and second shots visit (20). Plus $40 in medications. And my physical ($20) which is required for work or they deduct $20 a week from my paycheck.

Daughter and I both need eye exams. Her for Kindergarten entrance and me because it's been 2 years and I'm out of contacts. She is scheduled to have cavities filled, which we pay in advance and then get refunded a portion. And I need a crown (not happening any time soon) and two filings.

  • Despite money issues, I have a guy coming over to see about installing a ceiling fan in bedroom. I think the cost will be offset by the savings on our air conditioning bill.

  • It's April and I have the air conditioner on already. Ridiculous! But it was 86 in the house on Saturday night.

  • The same guy is going to give me an estimate on installing a light in our basement stairwell. My husband was supposed to do that a year ago.

  • My husband has "off" from work on Thursday because they are doing inventory at his job. He is going to paint the hallway - it's had the "test" colors up for over 1 year. Little does he know that I'm rescheduling Baby's doctor's appt so he can do it. That way I don't have to miss work.

  • I have to spend at least two hours on the phone today fighting with medical billing. My insurance showed up as lapsed because my continuing insurance hadn't kicked in yet. And no provider understands that I have two different policies for the kidney stuff.

  • I have to spend another several hours inquiring about refinancing our mortgage. Rates are low enough that we need to do it. Plus we need the money. Husband won't do it. So I have too. I get really resentful about having to do this type of stuff. But I am planning to borrow a bit extra if I can still get our payment down, and do some stuff around the house that Husband promised to do and hasn't. Top of my list is replacement windows. We have old windows that are super drafty and two are broken.

  • I'm getting resentful at all the stuff Husband hasn't done. He promised to do certain things if we bought this house. Some of it is due to the pregnancy happening right after we moved. But baby is now here and 7 months old, so I've been quite patient.

  • I am going to have to rearrange work to do at least one pick up or drop off each day. I'm missing too much info from daycare about what is going on. Husband can't seem to remember to get it.

  • Husband has great difficulty remembering little details - like getting agendas out of cubbys at daycare, remembering to ask all the right questions (even if I help him write them out) when calling for rate quotes, dealing with medical billing. Yes it is frustrating and annoying - but one of us has to suffer through it. He thinks it is too much trouble to make all these calls. But it has to be done. Why shouldn't you do your share?

  • I'm pissed off at my brother-in-law. I want to slap the shit out of him. My husband does too. And we're not usually on the same page. BIL is lucky we don't live closer......

  • I'm disappointed Daughter can't play T-ball. I was looking forward to it. Although, the schedule would have been hectic.

  • My 10 year wedding anniversary is this summer. I have a work conference at the beach that week. Wondering if I should just make the plans and then invite Husband to come along. We could tack on a few extra days and make it a long weekend. We'd have to take the kids though. I can't leave the Baby that many overnights. And Husband would whine about the required socialization. I KNOW he hates socializing and mixers. They aren't my favorite either. But they are part of my job.

  • Mother's Day is coming up. I hate mother's day. This time of year is crazy anyway. Sister and MIL's birthdays. Mother's day. Husband's birthday. FIL's birthday. Father's Day. Our anniversary.

  • Kindergarten orientation is this week. I'm not ready for my baby girl to start school.

  • I'm really in a pissy mood. Good thing I can rant here before I go home and blow my top. Husband and I are in the same pattern we slip back into - I plan everything and do everything because it is easier to do it myself than tell him how to do it and wait for him to do it. He has stopped thinking about what needs to be done and doing it. He needs to do more. But I need to calm down before we have that discussion.

  • Husband better learn how to say "NO" to someone other than me, and learn PDQ. But that discussion has to wait until I'm calmer too. I am not spending the next 10 weekends running around crazy because you can't say No.

  • I need to get a grip and figure out how much of my pissy mood is my issue (hormones, whatever) and how much is legitimate (overworked, overstressed and underslept) and then what to do about it (besides going postal).


Casey said...

omg Enola...I have not been around for a bit, and am sorry to hear about the little one being in a cast.

I dont know how you guys do it with those medical bills. I have never been charged a medical bill in my life...for anything, so my jaw just about hit my desk.

Take care...and get some rest after work. I hope baby sleeps a bit better tonight.

Kahless said...


dm said...

I'll donate my labor to put in your replacement windows for you if you pay for my air fare :-) Might even be able to save you a bundle on the cost of the windows if there was someone out your way who could measure them accurately....just an know I hate to fly too right :-)

mssc54 said...

We pay $150 every month for our electric. It's a program they have and it's averaged out every year to figure what the payments will be the next year.

Both of our daughters take their kids to the same day care and they have a sheet of paper that has various items checked off. Ate (blank) for lunch, snack, etc. BM X2 today. Bring white T-shirt for crafts on Thursday, etc.

Take the county car and park under a shade tree for lunch.

Enola said...

DM - hmmm, going to have take that one under consideration. It sure sounds good!

Casey & Kahless - medical bills sure can put a killing on a savings account. After 35 minutes on the phone though I fixed a mistake and knocked $4,500 off one bill. Yippee!

Mssc - our electric company charges a premium for that service - most do. It's in the fine print.. Our daycare has those sheets. But you have to actually pick them up and bring them home. Hubby keeps forgetting. County car? Surely you jest - I don't have one of those. Just my oldie but goodie (albeit paid for)and lunch is what I work through - eat at my desk and pay bills or make phone calls.

austin said...

I use the "pet name" Munchkin too. That's too cute. I was called puddin a lot. Too cute. Anyway, I wanted to say I do the same thing you're doing here. I have a full plate and I'm pissed but I try to stop and figure out where the energy of my anger is coming from. Am I angry at the situation or do I have other issues going on. Sometimes it's the situation and sometimes a mix. I think it's important to yell and scream at a safe place then manage behavior at a later time. This has saved me from going off on my roommate more than once. I get this process you're doing in this entry very well.

Pink was a good choice for the cast. :-)


Kim said...

I'm just going to send {{{{{hugs}}}}} and send loads of sleep-thru-the-nite vibes for baby!!