Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Rock

This has been a whirlwind of several months. First we have a new baby who has a health scare and is in the NICU for a day. Then he goes to a urologist for complications. Then hospitalized four days for a virus. Daughter gets the flu, despite having had the flu shot. I get an ear infection.

I finally get my braces off. Baby gets RSV and I'm out of work a week, having just gone back from maternity leave. Then I get a new job. Start new job. There one month when I get a stomach bug. Then the next day end up in the ER for a kidney stone. I am out of work a week. Try to go back but am in pain. Have surgery this week, the day after my insurance kicks in. Have some pain after but not too bad. I think the worst is over.

I had my follow up appt yesterday. They remove the stint. Then the doctor tells me that I will have some bleeding and menstrual-like cramping. When the doctor went in to get the stone, he put a tube (stint) from my kidney to my bladder and out. To keep the tube open and not have it swell shut. It made me feel like I had to use the bathroom all the time. It came out fairly easily. The doctor said that about 1 in 20 people will have severe cramping, much like the pain of the original kidney stone. I left the office and don't have to go back for 6 weeks.

I walk out and get in my car and double over in pain. I make it home and realize I am one of the 20. I take the pain meds. I start getting light-headed and sick. Take some phenegren to control the nausea. I am doubled over, crying. I give the pain meds 45 minutes to kick in. Then call the doctor to ask for stronger meds. Then call Husband who rushes home. He helps me get into the bathtub, thinking it might help me relax a bit. The doctor's office calls and the nurse explains that the pain is from the urethra and bladder spasming. The doctor can call in some drugs to stop the spasms. Husband helps me out of the tub and I collapse on the couch. He rushes to the pharmacy and picks up my meds. Comes home and I just ask him to sit with me. I lean on him and squeeze his hand. I ask him to tell me about his day - talk about anything to distract me. He does and the meds kick in and I drift off to sleep.

The doctor said this could take 24 - 48 hours. So I'll basically be drugged the whole weekend ....again. Not much fun for anyone. My in-laws called to check on me. I suggested Husband take the kids there tomorrow. That way I can lay around on the couch without having to push myself to play with the kids. I can moan to my hearts content. Sleep all day if I want. Daughter can run around and get out some of this energy. Baby can bed spoiled by Grammy and Pop-pop. I can't nurse on the amount of meds I'm taking right now. He takes bottles better from others, than from me. I'll miss them. I feel like I've not been "with it" enough to spend time with them at all much.

I need to go find my med chart. I'm having to write down what I take when because I can't remember - ultram alternated with vicodin, phenegren, and the spasm drugs. I also took a xanax. Had some left from pre-pregnancy. Since I'm not nursing, I figured it might help me relax. The doctor told me if I relaxed, I'd feel better. Plus the pain was so bad I was getting triggered.

Husband is truly my rock. Came rushing home and just did what I needed. Sat there and held me.


Ethereal Highway said...

I sure hope the worst of it ends quickly. You have been through so much.

dm said...

awe.. blessing your hubby in public..that is an awesome practice to do..having been on the receiving end of that myself from my wife I can tell you how powerful that can be to build him up..

Anonymous said...

Ugh. So sorry you're still / again in such pain. Kudos to hubby, and prayer and good wishes for y'all.

Just Be Real said...

Enola, I am so sorry for the reaction you are having! Glad for your husband. Blessings dear one for the pain to leave!

Kim said...

Yay DH!! He's been awesome through this for you. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Too bad we don't live close....DH could take your kids & mine to play. You and I could sit around and moan in pain together!

Colleen said...

Hope you feel better soon! God bless your hubby!

Marj aka Thriver said...

When is it time to take a breath, huh? I can't tell you how happy I am to hear how supportive your husband has been for you, though. I'm glad.