Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not an Excuse, but an Explanation

I said yesterday that I'd try to explain a bit more what is going on. It took me awhile to write this because I don't have answers yet. I'm not entirely sure what is going on.

I was pretty out of it for two weeks with my kidney stone. I stayed heavily medicated. On Sunday I weaned down to half doses. It's Wednesday now and I've not had any pain meds since Sunday. Monday and Tuesday were really foggy. I was still feeling bruised and tired. I took it easy - took the elevator instead of the stairs and took extra time.

For the past three days, I've felt jittery. As if I've had too much caffeine, when in reality I've not had any more than usual. It's sort of like a panic attack but instead of progressing, it just stays at a moderately severe level. I'm pretty dizzy too and not real steady on my feet. I feel like my head is bobbling off my neck.

Not sure if it's coming off the meds. Anyone else had a course of Ultram (aka vicodin), oxycotin and/or hydrocodone? Anything like this?

I chatted with my sister and she said to also be mindful that Baby is 6 months. That is the exact age my Daughter was when I couldn't deal with PPD issues any longer and first sought medication. Also, I have had a major disruption in my nursing schedule. So my body could very well be having hormone fluctuations, especially with all the skipped sessions - could be thinking there is some weaning going on.

Last night my husband threw me a wrench. He went to Tball training early and so was home when I arrived. He had dinner started but I wasn't really digging chicken nuggets and he suggested I go ahead to the store and pick something up there. So I went.

First trip - household goods, Easter basket stuff, present for nephew, and non-grocery stuff. Took that to car.

Second trip - groceries. Including extra for holiday weekend when we'll be at home more, including extra for 5 extra people, including special diet for my sister.

Close to $400 and 3 hours later, I was home. <<>>

Husband helped me drag the stuff in and then rushed off to play basketball - his buddy already had called to say they simply "needed" Husband to make even teams.

Of course he took my car (and my music). And of course the Baby woke up and screamed as soon as he walked out - before I managed to get supper or a shower. So I put in Baby Einstein DVD (aka Baby "crack") and stuck Baby in front of that. Raced through shower. Put Baby on my bed. Played peek-a-boo while semi-drying my hair. Ate while nursing and pumping (yes that takes talent). Rocked baby while reading a chapter in my book.

Had a real battle with SI. Nothing in house and good thing the urge was after I'd been to the store. Settled for what I guess is a moderate form...tweezer-ing. On the positive side, I have nice smooth eyebrows and skin.

Husband came home. We chit-chatted. I'm still wide-awake at 10:30 so take an ambien. Wake up this morning (forget the two nighttime nursing sessions) still groggy and feeling the same.


Kahless said...

Mrs K takes oxycontin twice a day for pain relief. If you have any specific questions then I can ask her for you. A bit after taking them she gets really sleepy. She usually nods off around 5ish! Drives me up the wall lol!

I am sorry you are out of sorts. Keep writing.


And "tweezering" - does that class as SI? I ask more cos I want to understand. I thunped myself repeatedly in the side of the head yesterday. I just felt so frustrated with myself I guess. "tweezering" doesnt seem to help me with the frustration.

Kahless said...

Oh and you have been through a lot, so try notto be too hard on yourself.

More {{{{hugs}}}}

Janey said...

I got all the symptoms you mentioned coming off Hydrocodone. Very jittery, dizzy etc.