Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blah - an update

This is Bard. He is one of the starring hand puppets on the Baby Einstein videos. I call them "Baby Crack." The run 30 minutes or so. If you have never seen them, catch a preview here. We're not huge TV watchers here, but Baby Einstein is a lifesaver. Munchkin loved them and Bugaboo is following in her footsteps . Put either one in a bouncy seat, pop in the video and if you hurry you can get a shower and breakfast.

Bard is a dragon that says, "blah" in a distinct, drawn out sound. Munchkin laughed hysterically every time he did it. His feature DVD was her favorite. We bought a new exersaucer for Bugaboo and it is the Baby Einstein version. It features Bard the puppet. Munchkin remembered him immediately. Bugaboo has taken to Baby Einstein too. In the mornings I often put Bugaboo in his bouncy with the video on so I can get ready. Many times I peak out to the living room to see Munchkin curled up next to Bugaboo watching too.

Like his sister, Bugaboo loves Bard. In fact, he can do a perfect imitation of the "Blah" sound. It is so perfect that we had to encourage him. Picture me, husband and Munchkin sitting around Bugaboo saying "blah" over and over. Quite comical! And I figure it is a good thing to encourage him to express his emotions early - LOL.

Blah is a good description of where I am right now. Not down in the dumps. Not on a high. Just here. It's rained every day for about a week, and that is not helping. I think we are over the medical stuff. I hope anyway. So I hope things are looking up. Munchkin got her cast off early so we are ready for the summer and swimming. Work is okay - having to do more work with abuse cases than I'd like. On the plus side, I know I'm making a difference. On the negative front, it takes a toll on me and it's hard to leave those cases at the office.

Bugaboo still isn't sleeping well. Husband and I are surviving. For the most part, I take the first part of the night and Husband takes over about 3 am. It is a Catch-22 -- we could try some things to get him on a better schedule. But we are too tired to follow through.

It is scrapbook season. Lots of good opportunities coming up. Gotta get my time in before hunting season. Husband took the kids to see his folks while I scrapped. The in-laws bought some goats for the kids. Munchkin named the girl goat (hers) "Lizzie." She insists Bugaboo wants the boy goat (his) named "Goo Goo Ga Ga." I love her sense of humor!

I am curious where this path I'm on is going. I feel as if I am wandering aimlessly at the moment.


beauty said...

I know that aimless feeling. For me it usually arrives just before a major change in my life, or sometimes just a new insight that catches me by surprise.

Your daughter must be so relieved to get that cast off!

I had to laugh when you said she named the male goat "Goo Goo Ga Ga." We tried to get Maddy to say that and she insists on saying "Boo Boo Ga Ga."

Anonymous said...

reading this one, takes me back to that time when we had little ones in the home. the amount of mental and physical energy it takes just to you're job on top of it... no wonder you feel emotionally blah as you said. I think you need to schedule more mama times..when mama's not happy, then no body's happy.