Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Scatter Brain - Random Thoughts

My brain doesn't work so well without sleep - and sleep is hard to come by at my house. Bugaboo just doesn't sleep. No debate please, but I am not a CIO (cry it out) believer. I have read Pantley's No Cry Sleep Solution and am working through it. Hubby and I are having trouble discerning when he's just fussy and when he is fussing because of his GI issues. Hubby thinks every time he cries, he is hungry. But I know there is no way this baby needs to eat every single hour.

Add in the fact that we have absolutely no routine and I'm a mess. Just when I thought I had adjusted to Tball practice and games, Munchkin breaks her foot and it all goes away. I readjust. Then Hubby goes on overtime and we have to readjust again. I love the overtime. We sure can use the extra money. I just have to figure out how to readjust the morning routine now that I'll be responsible for the daycare drop off.

We had Kindergarten orientation last week. Munchkin did great. They gave all the children a sunflower seed to plant in a Styrofoam cup. We're supposed to take care of it and take pictures all summer, then bring them in for the fall. Uh...excuse me? Did you not get the note? I do NOT have a green thumb. This plant is doomed. It has sprouted in it's little cup and I have read the instructions that say it is time to transplant it. Poor little plant - it is on it's last legs now. My husband told me I have to do a good job, since this is for a 'real school' project (notice he didn't volunteer). I think I have a plan though. Munchkin may not learn gardening skills from this project, but she will learn to think on her feet. See I'm thinking that I can send some sunflower seeds and money to Austin. (The money is for water, fertilizer and whatever else it is you use for plants - can't be leaving Austin with no money for the flower - that would make me like you know who). I'll ask Austin to take pictures of the flower and send them to me. Then I'll submit those. Munchkin gets her pictures - of a real, growing flower and not a dead thing. Austin gets sunflowers. Win-win, right? (Now I just have to convince Austin this is a good idea - hey Austin, you reading this?).

I know better than to go get my hair cut on a whim. But I was so enjoying my time alone yesterday as I drove to the grocery store without the husband or the kids. I decided to prolong it just a bit and detour to get my hair trimmed. Alas, there were two people ahead of me. I picked up a magazine and it was a hairstyle magazine. Go figure. So I flipped and found something. The hair that I have spent years growing out to one length........not so much anymore. I have bangs. Not sure I like them yet. What irks me is that I chop 4 inches off my hair and get bangs and a new part - not one person noticed. Which means it really isn't that drastic of a change. Or it looks bad so they aren't commenting.

I'm going to have to take drastic measures against our new neighbors. They work nights and come home at 1 am. Bugaboo generally sleeps from 11:30 - 2 am. So I'm asleep at 1 am. I NEED that stretch of sleep. But here comes the neighbor - thump - thump - thump. You can hear his music through the windows and over the AC. Then if it is a good song, he sits in his driveway until it is over. I think I'll go mow my lawn tomorrow - at 4:30 am, when he is good and sleeping. I'll be awake after all.

Mother's Day is Sunday. Munchkin is just dying to tell me their plans. I know it involves breakfast in bed. I'm hoping the rest stays a surprise. Sister and I were discussing Mother's day stuff. I purchased some family pictures for my mom. My sister got mom this card - on the front is a picture of a donkey with a 75% off tag and it says "mom, i know you love a bargain..." The inside says, "so i got you this cheap-ass card. Happy mothers day." On the back it says "I know this is a proud moment for you." I love it. My card for her says on the front "Happy Mother's Day from the good one...." Inside it says, "Just kidding, it's from me." It's hard work finding something non-sappy. I did purchase sappy cards for other mother figures in my life, including my sister. My husband refused to get anything mushy for his mom, so I may send her one just from me.

I was supposed to go to court today. A world-renowned expert in childhood sex abuse is testifying in one of the cases that the child-protective-services team has going on. I forgot I had a meeting at 10 though. So I'll go to that and then head over for a bit. It's a great opportunity to meet this expert that I've spoken with several times, but never met. Not sure how long I'll last listening to the case though. I'm supposed to shadow the CPS attorneys in case I ever need to fill in for them. But another day might be better.

My work computer died Friday and they brought me a new tower yesterday. When I first turned it on, I couldn't access any good websites - weather, games, facebook, blogs, nothing. I was panicked. What on earth would I do all day? Never fear - a restart fixed it. Ahh. It's a bit disturbing how much I need the internet.

I'm tired of medical bills and funerals. The medical bills are mine mostly Then, we've had three deaths in our church. One was my Sunday school teacher's husband - cancer. Dead in less than 3 months. Another was a very young man. Sick with some mysterious illness after returning from Iraq. Very unexpected. This last one is an older woman - in her 80s I suspect. Lived a long and wonderful life. Her passing is the least sad - she was ready to go. I know she is dancing with her husband in heaven right now. My old work partner is still hospitalized with cancer. It's not looking good. I'm meeting some of my former co-workers for lunch on Friday and then may go by the hospital and visit him.

At last look I had 5 blog posts halfway done. I really need to quit rambling and finish those up........


Anonymous said...

Regarding the sunflower plant.

Call around and see if you can find a sunflower plant at a nursery! lol

Good luck adjusting to everything.

Secret Shadows said...

How exciting Munchkin is going to Kindergarten. My youngest is finishing Kindergarten this year. It is a precious time. I taught Kindergarten for 5 years, and it is absolutely the best! I would still be doing it if we hadn't moved out of state.

A lot of Kindergartens do the sunflower thing because the timing of its growth coincides with the time until school starts. It's a nice visual for the kids and gives them a unique way to look forward to Kindergarten and visually see the time getting closer and closer. I am with you, though, in that if it's green, I will surely kill it. Good luck.

Kahless said...

I know a lot of people that seemed to have died this year. Mainly horrifically in accidents or suicide.