Monday, June 29, 2009

Watch Out !

If you see a truck like this come barreling down the road toward you, I'd advise you jump off the sidewalk quickly.

My husband is taking my car to the repair shop to have the oil changed before our big road trip this week. He's also having them look at my brakes which are vibrating funny. Fingers crossed it isn't anything serious since there is no money to pay for it.

In the meantime, I'm driving his truck. Today is a court day which means I'm wearing a skirt suit and heels. Sure is interesting trying to climb in and out of this truck without flashing the world.

I want to know why I get the oddest looks. Hasn't anyone ever seen a chick drive a truck before? I pull up to the drive through to get coffee and people stare. I pull up to the stoplight and they stare harder. Of course the stoplight part could be due to the fact that they didn't think I was going to stop. This truck has a lot more "get up and go" than my car. I looked down and was doing 85 on the interestate. Oops. It felt like I was only doing 60. It also takes a lot longer and more pressure to stop this big thing. Which leaves me slamming on the brakes and yelling "stop" quite often.

I never thought I could drive a truck. Not after my childhood experiences in a truck. But I've re-claimed the power here. This truck is bigger, faster, heavier and has a big huge middle seat cupholder divider. That's my "cone of safety." So while I hate having to manhandle this vehicle (mostly because it prevents me from sipping my starbucks except at stoplights), there is something to be said for the power I feel driving it.

Beep Beep! Away I go. Watch out!


Kim said...

LOL! Glad I'm not in your neighborhood right now! And hope it's nothing serious with your car.

I used to drive a huge 8 cyl Expedition and there is something to be said for the feeling of power in driving such a monstrous vehicle and sitting so high above most other cars on the road. I used to say I was going to "Monster Truck Rally" anyone who got in my way!!

lawyerchik said...

Me, too!! :) Although, I am starting to rethink my small-car preferences as I realize that my tiny little 98 Honda Civic-that-I-bought-used-from-a-Chrysler-dealership won't last forever.

Hope the car isn't too sick. Keep it between the ditches, Enola!! :)

BTW: verification word is "Taili" - how is Tallie dog?

austin said...

What a good laugh this morning. The part about the cup holder killed me.

Yes, yes!! I miss my Ford Bronco so much. I miss the power play. I miss sitting above all the peon drivers out there. There is absolutely a feeling of power when driving a truck. Here in Indiana you'd fit right in. Women drive trucks all the time here.... trucks that don't have John Deere on the back, a Dixie flag or a rainbow flag.


Casey said...

lol..picturing you with that truck. I have an SUV but hubby has a truck. Sometimes I drive the truck, so I know how you feel. Even on a good day, I feel like need a boost just to get in. Yes...they do take much longer to stop.


Anonymous said...

Caught yourself doing 85 on the interstate! Ha-ha Go get em counselor!! I'll bet you weren't late for court.

Have a fund trip.

Kahless said...

You cool trucker chick!

Do you wear shades?

austin said...

do you wear a mullet with said shades?

Enola said...

Tallie is great - on vacation with the in-laws. They dog sit while we are out of town. she gets to run free on their acreage and loves it.

No flags on this truck except the good 'ol American flag sticker that went on soon after 9-11. Then there is the "Presidential Prayer Team" sticker saying we pray for the president. He does have a "Deerhunter" license tag on the front though.

Alas my car is fixed - nearly $300 later I have an oil change plus new front brakes.

Paul from Mind Parts said...

Good for you for regaining your power! In my multiple mind there are several vehicles I would want. A truck is certainly up there. So is a sports car. I currently drive a rather sedate Saab. But I will tell you that I get my "truck" fix by operating my heavy machinery lawn mower. It's a huge walk behind with a sulkey, the kind the lawn people use. And last year when I did my big landscape project on my house, I rented a tractor. That was very cool. Enjoy! Paul.

bdreamer said...

Oh I could just see you driving this truck in your proper lawyer suit and heels!

Thanks for the amusing post.