Thursday, July 2, 2009

Off on a Trip & Update

We are leaving in a few hours to visit my sister. It will be fun. Lots of laughs, junk food and playing with the kids.

While there we will have a private small memorial service for my father. Two of his adopted children will meet us at the gravesite. We will then go to one's house to hang out a bit and catch up. Should be interesting. I've not seen them in almost 17 years. In emails thy have alluded to their mother being "crazy" and "off her meds" and "psycho." According to one of the boys, Rita (dad's wife) does not know we are coming or even that we have spoken to them. We plan to keep it that way.

I had my annual physical last week. All seems well but the zoloft makes me ravenously hungry. The anxiety is also getting pretty intense. I've had some major panic attacks recently. I spoke to the doctor and she switched my meds to lexapro. The switch is going okay. I get dizzy but not sure if that is due to panic attacks or the med switch. I'm hoping this will help with my depression too - it's definitely not at a level that is good and seems to be worsening.

Baby also had his 9 month check. The doctor had some concerns about his gross motor skills. He doesn't roll back to front. He doesn't sit up on his own, although if I sit him up, he can stay sitting up. He doesn't bear weight on his legs. Doesn't pull up. Doesn't crawl. Doesn't push up on his arms if he is on his tummy. We're doing some exercises with him. I just learned a church friend specializes in this area so I have an email in to her to see if she'll just take a look at him. This has hit me with quiet resignation. Chalk it up under "I deserve anything bad that happens like this" thoughts.

Work is crazy. Husband's work laid off several but so far he seems safe. My job just announced furlough days. We will have two linked with holidays - an extra day without pay. We'll also have two other days to take as we want (without pay). It could be far worse.

So that's all that's new. I'm off to catch a few hours before we hit the road. Driving at night works well with the kids. Have a wonderful 4th of July.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Nine months old already?

See if your doctor will give you some Adderall too. That kills my appetite. ;)

I much prefer making a road trip at night. Less traffic, not as hot and usually more peaceful. Drunks though....

I hope things go well with the family.

Safe travels to and fro!

jumpinginpuddles said...

we hope you have th most incredible amazing trip and a break you so need and deserve

Paul from Mind Parts said...

Thanks for the update. Glad to hear that you are forging ahead. Paul.