Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse

I've not finished the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. So there is still time to submit. Here is the link and here is more info.

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David said...

Damaged, recovered, recovery, growth, resignation, acceptance.....where to start? I suppose we all develop our own defenses. I'm really good at repressing. As chance would have it repression is not a really useful life skill in the long run. I'm not sure what a dysfunctional family is or for that matter what a functional family is. I thought I knew what abuse was but clarity has faded with time. Maybe I now have a clarity I did not have before but I'm just resistant to the concept of calling myself a victim. I know some have had worse experiences than mine and some people have not had any such experiences. Still life is not a competition and our experiences are what have shaped us into what we are at this given moment in time. Over time I am learning that I have a right to have feelings about my experiences and whether those feelings are positive or negative, they are mine. The problem is I'm not sure what I feel. I have read what others have written and I am impressed and encouraged as others open themselves up and take the risk of sharing their experiences. There was an open invitation for new supporters of the carnival, and while I'm not sure if what I have written will be of any use to anyone else, I felt a need to communicate my appreciation for what the carnival stands for.