Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Heads up for National Pity Party Day

It's coming - Celebrate with us. See here for the origin. And here was the first edition. I missed the second one because I was in the hospital having my son. Austin says that's no excuse!

As the original host of Pity Party today, and with the agreement of Austin, I am moving Pity Party day to Sept 15th. Why? Because I'm reclaiming the original date (Sept 27th) as one of celebration - that's my birthday and I don't want to wallow in pity this year.

So the second Pity Party day will take place Sept 15th. Be here or be square!!

And remember -
On Pity Party Day, you post on your blog your reasons for having a pity party. No self-deprecation. No justifications. No objectivity. No rationalizations. Just straight out whining. You can start with, "I'm pitiful because..." or "You should pity me because...." or my favorite "I'm whining because........". Then there is the "poor pitiful me........" No kicking into self-protection or survival mode. To quote Austin, "just lay it all out there."

AUSTIN SAYS - I think it should be serious pity if we really want it to be. I mean for real, not trying to be politically correct and stuff like that. Not trying to be a survivor for that entry. No worries that someone will think badly if we tell how we really feel about life as a survivor.

I agree with Austin - no "pity me because I have straight hair and I want curly" or "I really wish I could afford a 2000 square foot house instead of just 1,200". This is serious stuff folks - the bare your soul, let's get dirty.

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Colleen said...

Sept, 27th is my mothers birthday! Looking forward to the pity party!:)