Monday, August 17, 2009

Update --- Last Call --- Great News times two

Things are a bit (okay a lot) crazy these next few weeks. I'm working on the blog carnival which I'm hosting (get your submissions in) and really enjoying the submissions. This is the LAST CALL for submissions - they are "due" tomorrow. Seriously though - if you just can't possibly get it to me tomorrow, I won't finalize things until probably Wednesday late afternoon or possibly even Friday morning. So let me know it's coming and I'll leave room and work it in later.

Husband was offered the chance to work 7 am - 7 pm these next two weeks. Which means overtime. Which we need. So he's doing that. So I've got to get the kids up and ready, to school, home, fed, bathed and in bed, by myself. I have an out of the office retreat all day tomorrow. On Wednesday, Munchkin and I have eye appointments. Thursday is court and then our school Open House. Friday I have an appointment with an attorney about an old case of mine which is at his office 1 1/2 hours away. Saturday we have a birthday party. Munchkin starts school next week.

For the good news -
Bugaboo had his assessment on Friday. When I made the appointment/got the referral, he was not putting any weight on his legs, not rolling back to front, not showing any signs of mobility. Since I made the appt - he is putting weight on his legs when I hold him up, can stand while holding onto something if I put him in that position, and he is scooting on his bottom.So at his assessment, which was SUPER thorough, he scored from 6 months - 16 months (he is 10 months now). He got above average on everything, except eating (because he gums things and doesn't chew). The 16 month range was for thinking/verbal. And the 6 month range was for gross motor skills. His lowest score was 85. If he had scored 84 or lower we would have qualified for services.I was really impressed by his intellect (mommy brag ) He knows about 10 words - duck, hi, bye, mama, dada, boppy (paciifer), ball, and a few others and follows many commands "give mamma __" "wave bye bye" "give me 5" "clap" and "pat a cake' and "peek a boo" So the physical therapist and pediatrician write up their report. They said they'd detail exercises we could do to help with his gross motor skills. Then we can make an appointment (free of charge) and they will teach us the exercises and we can do them at home.If he is not pulling up independently by 15 months or walking by 18 months, we bring him back. Or if we have other concerns.So in summary, I have a very smart, deep-thinker who will be a philosopher. They said he's been concentrating so hard on his thinking skills that he's neglected his gross motor. They also said that because he scoots on his bottom, he's likely to never really crawl but just go to walking.

And Good news #2 - I won a drawing this weekend. It was the grand prize drawing at my scrapbook event. I, along with 15 friends, get a weekend stay at a scrapbook cabin. It's a 4 BR, 4 BA, cabin adjacent to a scrapbook store. Breakfast is provided. Use of all scrapbook materials/tools in the store. Discounts for shopping. Yippee!!! I actually had an audience member who was standing next to me when I won (sorry for bursting her eardrum) who offered to pay me money to be my "Friend" and get an invitation to go.

So, if I survive this week, I'll "see" you Friday at the Carnival


Ethereal Highway said...

Fabulous news about the baby. I'm so glad.

Kahless said...

I am really glad too.

lawyerchik said...

I'm so glad things are looking up, Enola!! Good that your DH has work (YAY! OT!) And good that your little one is such a deep thinker!! ;) Must take after his mama!

BTW - one story my mom used to tell on my sister from when she was about that age. She never crawled - she went straight to walking - and she had trouble with something (I think it was fine motor skills) as a result. Our pediatrician told her to get down and crawl on the floor with her - i.e., make her crawl - because it was good for whatever it was as she got older. Just a little tip...(from someone whose only "child" always goes on four legs!! :))

Tamara (TC) said...

I'm glad you got good news about your baby. Congrats on winning the scrapbook thing. It sounds like a fun getaway!

prochaskas said...

It'll be a busy two weeks, but good to get some extra income.

Congrats to Bugaboo -- I'm sure he'll be fine and glad you'll be able to do some things to help him.

And enjoy the scrapbooking weekend!

mssc54 said...

Awesome news on Bugaboo!! The assessment and subsequent parental training will make all the difference in the world.

When we received our little boy at age 2 he hardly made a sound much less talked. Like you, we had an assessment done and also had the follow-up parental training. We came home with a three ringed binder with various exercises to do. Now, three years later, you would never know.

It really is amazing how reziliant children can be with active parenting!

Good for all of you!!

Rindy Walton said...

Great to hear about the little one! There really is a big continuum of "normal" development, but great to stay on top of it all. Did u know I was a PT & have always worked with kids? Mostly ages 3+ but if you ever have any questions, give me a shout. I would be glad to help if I can!!

Beautifuldreamer said...

I've heard that when grade school children are struggling with math, it helps if they do some crawling. Sounds weird, but apparently kids who skip the crawling stage don't develop good math skills.

Congrats on your scrapbooking weekend, I'm a tad bit envious, but congrats anyway!