Monday, September 14, 2009

Singing the blues - National Pity Party Day take 2

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Why you should Pity Me - AKA Why I Deserve a Pity Party

AKA Why I am Pitiful

You would think that since it has been two years since the last Pity Party day that I'd have some progress to report. Not much. I think that gives me the Pitiful excuse for a Survivor award right there. In summary,

  • I'm really parentless now, or at least halfway, given that dad died. Oh but I've inherited some new siblings. Four adopted ones. One additional that Step-Monster may have given up for adoption. And another older one that may or may not exist. That's not counting the three step-siblings (Toilet's children) that have re-connected with me on facebook in the last week. I've not written about those yet, because frankly, all these people coming out of the woodwork is making me nuts. So I guess I'm up to 7, maybe 9 sort-of-siblings.

  • I haven't lost any pets lately so that's good.

  • I still have trouble with story-telling, but mostly because my memory is worse than swiss cheese. Let's face it, when your life is the tallest of tall tales, it's no wonder I have trouble discerning fact from fiction.

  • The school loans are now in the 5 figures. Go me!! But my husband lost his job so they aren't getting paid any time soon. I was hoping that, against the odds, I'd inherit on some long lost insurance policy or dad would have forgotten to change his will, and I could pay them off with his death. But not so much.

  • I'm down on the medication front. Only one pill now. My self-esteem is getting a bit better. My husband is still living with me, although more like roommates some days. I did have a SI free period of almost two years but relapsed in May and haven't gotten myself back together yet.
  • Pity me because at present I am working on my daughter's kindergarten family tree project and I can't find enough make it simple we're keeping it to immediate blood family. And the little line next to my mother's name for her spouse, is getting whited out.
  • Pity me and my sister. We totaled it up and we're in the $40,000 mark for losses directly attributable to abuse. And that is just the major medical, therapy and hospitalizations. Not counting all the other consequential damages.

And because this wouldn't be a truly soul-searching post without a little self-disclosure......pity me because I'm being sued. Some &*)@%$ old client from my old job is pissed of because I don't have a magic want to wave and make someone do what they ought to do. I tried to explain to her that slavery went out a long time ago and I couldn't force anyone into anything. The &*)@%$ didn't like that answer so she sued me. The old work picked up the tab on the deductible so no real dollars out of my pocket. But I'm burning through sick/vacation time here to go to mediations, depositions and court dates. I despise being on this side of a lawsuit. The damage to my reputation and my self-esteem is great. And it's so super embarrassing that I've not talked about it with hardly anyone, or even written about it here.

AND THAT is Pity Party Day. Thanks for reading. If you've posted your own excerpt, be sure to post a comment with your blog address so people can travel the virtual highway to your post. In your post, link back here so we have an interstate of connectiveness.


Ethereal Highway said...

I really do feel for you, Enola. i am sure you did the best you could for the client who filed the suit. I bet it comes out in your favor. I can relate to a bunch of the stuff on your list. Not even counting lost earnings, I figure the abuse has cost me somewhere around 25,000 just in therapists. I have no real way to calculate it, because I don't really know what could have been, but I'm sure lost earnings has cost even more than therapy. Probably because I hate asking for help and whenever I was at my craziest I would just quit therapy, quietly disappear from my job, and hide out until things improved enough to get help without being locked up. I was a terrible 'employee' because of that (and thus the eventual DIY gig). I sure know it, Enola. You have a right to sing the blues!


Ethereal Highway said...

Make that at least 31,000. in therapists. That'll learn me to add at this hour of the A.M.


lawyerchik said...

Mine's up, Enola!! :)

I'm so sorry about the client thing - I was kind of hoping that that had all gotten resolved.....

Onward and upward.

lawyerchik said...

I just realized, too, that in case I didn't tell you before, you can share my parents. They're a little strange sometimes, but they're great people!! :)

Anonymous said...

How does that saying go about feeling bad about not having shoes until you meet a man with no legs?

I wish there was a magic wand to wave. Heck I'de have muscle damage from waving that raskle all around!

I'm not sure my post qualifies for a pitty party. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

sending you a safe hug, and virtual pot of coffee...your blogging friend DM

16 blessings'mom said...

Oh Enola, that is awful about being sued. People are such idiots. Just keep holding your head up, honey. I wish I could give you a hug.

jumpinginpuddles said...

i like these pity party days, i think its good to have a woe betide me day so good on you