Sunday, September 27, 2009

Too Much Cake

This is the cake I made for Bugaboo's First Birthday. Husband helped with the decorations. We had his party on Saturday. A very small party, but fun. It was ball-themed. Footballs, baseballs, soccerballs. He loved it. One of his favorite games is rolling a ball back and forth. He enjoyed the cake - more than the icing, but we got some good pictures.

We had cake on his actual birthday, then two cakes (one vanilla, one chocolate) on Saturday. I took Munchkin to a friend's birthday and had cake there. Then Sunday (today) is my birthday so we had cake again. I think I'm cake-ed out.

We went to an outdoor historical festival today. We've gone most every year. It was fun. Lots of good food. Munchkin and I raced in some old-fashioned games. Plank-walking, paint can races, barrel races, sack races and more. Between that and the inflatable jump house at friend's party, I'm tired and sore.

Tomorrow is Day 1 of Diet. I now weigh what I did when I delivered Munchkin. I am 5 sizes up and very out of shape. Bugaboo hit 1 so it is time.

I can not believe it has been a year since Bugaboo was born. He's scooting around and pulling up. He's simply adorable. I love that he loves to snuggle and hope he doesn't grow out of that soon. I ~think~ I'd like another but DH says no, and given his unemployment he's probably right.


Ethereal Highway said...

Happy Birthday, Enola! And to your boy, too. I'm glad you had a cake-y good weekend of it! (And I hope you got yourself some cute pics of him eating the cake. Those are so adorable.)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to both of you!

lawyerchik said...

Happy Birthday, Enola and Bugaboo!! :) Glad you had a good weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

I remember those discussions...what do you think? shall we have another? While it is a joint decision, I favor the wife making the final call on this one. I do know if we would have let $ be the deciding factor, we'd have stopped @ 2 because we were poor as church mice when Pinky and john came along, and I can't imagine them not being a part of our family. Glad you had a good weekend!

jumpinginpuddles said...

he cant be one is he really no way that time was wayyyy too fast

Beautifuldreamer said...

Happy Birthday to the two of you!

By the way, as a serious cake lover, can there really ever be too much cake? I must take exception to this. Some people never get enough cake, is what I'm saying. Some people aren't so casual with cake that they would refer to any amount of it as "too much."

That's all I'm saying (hehe!)

Paul from Mind Parts said...

Happy birthday!!!!

Kahless said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Sorry its belated.