Monday, September 21, 2009

An Update

It's been a tough adjustment trying to get used to having Husband at home, Munchkin in kindergarten and Bugaboo sort-of crawling all over. Every time I get into a routine, things change again.

* Bugaboo turns one this weekend and I turn.....another year older ;) I can not believe he is one already. Where has time gone? He is not crawling, per se. He scoots across the floor on his bottom with one foot tucked in and using his hands. Kind of like a little chimpanzee. Every so often he will lean forward and rock as if he will get up on his knees, only to fall back down. He's pulled up a few times too. Not interested in walking yet. Fine with me because he is SUPER fast anyway. We've been really busy chasing him and baby-proofing the house.

* Munchkin is enjoying kindergarten now, after a rough few days. She read her very first book to me. Her favorite thing to do lately is to spell things to me. When I ask her questions, she spells out "y-e-s" or "n-o." She loves her brother - a little too much. I find a constant "put your brother down NOW" coming out of my mouth.

* Husband is officially out of work. His severance expires this weekend. However our daycare called and he is doing some odds and end work for them which is deducted off our daycare bill. While he was there, a lawncare service asked him about picking up some work through them. All of which will help while he seeks a new full-time job. Our unemployment here is twice the national average and there is zero by way of manufacturing jobs (his skill area) so every little bit helps.

* Sister is doing okay. I miss her. We've not seen each other since July and won't be able to get together until Thanksgiving.

* I joined up with some wonderful ladies on a mommies group that I belong to, in an effort to lose this baby weight. There is no money for new clothes (even new, used clothes) and I fit in nothing. I am just about where I was when I delivered Munchkin so it's time to get on the ball.

* I was almost grateful to see TOM this morning. Finally an answer as to the moodiness, bad skin and desire to eat all that is not nailed down. Since I'm still nursing, there is no rhyme nor reason to my cycles so it's only in hindsight that I can say "aha, that's why I'm such a witch." It also explains why I wanted to do nothing but sleep all weekend and my having a cold. I'm always more susceptible to getting sick around these times.

* After six months of asking, I finally have a key to the church gym. No more excuses - now I can work out. Exercise improves my attitude, my mental health and my body image. A better body image helps with the SI urges and acts.

* I cut my hair. I've had it shoulder length or longer since 6th grade, except for 1 brief hair cut about 10 years ago. It's pretty much been the same hair style too. So in a fit of passion I went to the hairdresser and had it cut off. It's layered now too. I like it. Friends either like it or are lying to me. Husband does not like it (but who asked him?).

* Finally, after being in our house 19 months, I put pictures and knick-knacks up. I didn't realize how much of a difference it would make. My mother's house was always stark - nothing on the walls. Dad's house was the same, but that was because he hated nail holes in the walls. It felt good to hammer those nails in. I also assembled a bookshelf for Bugaboo's room. I might need to find some more assembly projects. I kind of enjoyed hammering nails!

That's all for now. Off to work on my blog carnival post.


Beautifuldreamer said...

It sounds as if things are coming together for you, in bits and pieces.

Hanging things on the walls really does make a difference in the atmosphere of a home. I can't imagine living with nothing on my walls!

Munchkin sounds well-adjusted to Kindergarten...I love how she spells things out to you!

As for your hair, if you love it that's what counts most. I always feel apprehensive when I get mine cut shorter than usual, and like you can't always tell if people really like it or are just being kind. (I cut about 3 inches off of mine this weekend. A haircut's not in the budget, but I can cut the length without butchering it, so that's what I do.)

lawyerchik said...

That is a lot of stuff to have to adjust to!

I love it that Munchkin is spelling her answers, though! It might be annoying if I heard it every day, but I can just hear her saying "y-e-s" or "n-o!"

I'm sorry your DH is still looking for a job!! Good that he's got something that is helping you, but bad that it isn't actually bringing cash into the household....

Hang in there!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Excited you got the key. Same thing happened to me last week @ the school I'm teaching part time. I needed another key to be able to get in the back door on occassion...finally after several nice but direct requests, they issued me a key..I feel your freedom :-) happy early birthday! DM