Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bubble Wrap

Owie! I need to be delicately wrapped and cushioned in bubble wrap. I'm so sore and achy. And no, it is not the flu.

I have begun to work out again. (haven't stopped overeating, but that's another post). Something about seeing the scale top your pregnancy weight, you're not pregnant and you've moved into plus-size clothes, will motivate you to work out. A few trips the gym, some walk/runs with the family and floor exercises at home. One year old babies make great weights. Bugaboo loves to be lifted over my head and have razberries blown on his tummy. Munchkin likes it too. NOTE to other mommys - lifting a 45 pound daughter over your head is bad for your back, and when your arms cave and you let her down too quickly, you are apt to smash your nose. So my arms and legs are SORE.

I've been doing a ton of typing at work. I'm working on getting reports written. My carpal tunnel has flared up too. Contrary to what my husband says, it is NOT because I play too many facebook games. No siree bob! Besides I use a left-handed mouse to play games and my right hand is the one bothering me. So there!

My jaw hurts too. I forgot to wear my retainer one night. And have found myself clenching my jaw some too. It is certainly not because my thumb keeps finding its way into my mouth at night. I have to remind myself to relax my jaw.

My shoulder is killing me. If I'd put Bugaboo in his crib to sleep, it might heal. But I can't bring myself to let him cry it out. So he sleeps with me. And he loves to snuggle. So I often sleep with his head on my right arm, which makes my arm fall asleep and my shoulder stiff and sore. But his adorable sleeping face makes it all worth it. The soreness could also be due to the fact that Munchkin insisted she couldn't walk any further and made me carry her the last three blocks of our walk.

I have a work dinner tonight and have to dress up. So I took extra care to shave my legs and wash my hair last night. Noticed that my legs are especially black and blue. I've been more clumsy than usual and the corner of my desk has it out for me. I just can't bring myself to put those child safety cushions on it, but I've thought about it.

So I'm off to find some bubble wrap. Wonder if it comes in black to match my outfit (and to continue to ignore that I have a T session today and would prefer to fill the time with mundane chitter chatter like this).

If you are a huge fan of popping bubble wrap, here is a site just for you -
you can pop away to your heart's delight.


lawyerchik said...

I feel for you, Enola. I have not been doing my 30-day shred video because it just hurt too much and I needed a rest, but it's coming back on tonight. (Also, I registered for a Body Boot Camp class through the local community ed). Can you take motrin or ibuprofen?

Good luck....

Tracie said...

I feel for you!! Especially the part about lowering the child too fast, my daughter likes me to swing her back and forth, and after about a minute of this my arms give out...ouch!

Ethereal Highway said...

I need bubble wrap, too. I hate being a clutz. My lower hips/ upper thighs always get it because I keep running into doorknobs. I almost always have a bruise there from that.

Keep trying with the weight loss. My husband is getting his weight down, too, and it's working out fairly well. It's not fast, though, so hang in there. That's not all bad. When the weight loss is slow, that means the changes that have been made are probably more sustainable and less radical and unrealistic.

beautifuldreamer said...

I can't keep up with a regular exercise program, it's too painful. Even if I could I probably wouldn't. It's hard to get into the exercise mode and stick with it.

I guess this doesn't sound encouraging! But I mean it as a way of saying you are not alone in your weight/exercise woes.

Anonymous said...

There's a middle road between cry it out and rock / walk to sleep. You put him (sleepy but awake) in the crib, pat, say goodnight, leave. If he cries, return after a few minutes -- pat, say goodnight, leave. Repeat as needed. Makes for a few late nights at first, but it's worth sticking with it.