Sunday, November 15, 2009

He Got a Deer - or did the Deer Get Him?

I got the call about 8 pm Saturday evening. I had just thought to myself, "he either shot a big deer or is running late." When the phone rang, it was not a number I recognized. I answered and it was Husband's voice saying, in broken up fashion, "hit...deer...buck...truck...side...road....can't drive it....called 911." I kept saying, "are you okay?" Over and over. He kept repeating his words. Finally I yelled at him, "Shut up - are you okay?" He answered me and said he was fine. Then I could focus on the rest of his words.

I loaded the sleeping kids in the car and took off to drive the 20 minutes to the crash site. Husband was driving down the interstate going about 70 mph. The buck jumped the guardrail and Husband hit it (or it hit husband) straight on. The air bag deployed and somehow, by the grace of God, Husband was able to avoid hitting anyone else and get the truck off the road without hitting the guardrail. He tried to flag people down, but several other vehicles hit the deer too. They
were able to drive their cars up to the service station where the trooper took their info.

Husband finally flagged someone down who helped him call a trooper (Husband's phone had flown somewhere in the truck and he couldn't find it) and me. This very nice guy and his wife waited there with Husband until I got there. Husband said it was very scary having cards whiz by going 70-80 mph. He was worried someone would hit the deer carcass and swerve into him. But he couldn't risk darting into traffic to move it.

It looked worse in the dark last night. But really it's
just the front end and bumper. No engine or transmission or radiator damage. The tow truck came and took it away.

This morning revealed that the truck is not totalled as we feared. Our insurance company has been awesome. Today we went and purchased replacement car seats. Apparently they need replaced even if no one is occupying them. Tomorrow we get our rental vehicle.

So today the jokes were flying - you got a big buck, huh? Did you keep the rack? Now that's an interesting way to ground up your venison!

I'm just glad Husband is okay. He was pretty shaken up after we got home. We're both thankful the kids were not with him.

So the score is - Husband 0; Deer 1


lawyerchik said...

Ouch! The pictures look pretty grim anyway.... Still, at least he's OK. Plus, he did the right thing: deer give. Trees don't. Glad it's working out!

Ethereal Highway said...

Wow. As bad as that looks, I'm really glad it wasn't worse. Poor husband. I'm so glad he's okay.

Marj aka Thriver said...

It's pretty ironic that your husband is a big hunter and he ends up having a deer run right into his truck. Those accidents can be VERY bad, especially with those big bucks. I'm glad he's okay.

On an unrelated note: I'm going to host this month's edition of THE BLOG CARNIVAL AGAINST CHILD ABUSE at my own blog Thursday in honor of World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse. Got something you could dig out and send in? I'd so appreciate it!

I hope you can have some calm and rest for a little while. Take care.

mssc54 said...

I've seen many of those deer/auto collisions. Glad he is okay. Stuff can always be replaced much easier than husbands and daddies!

Speakinf of "stuff"... take out the extra insurance on the rental and have him go back for another deer. ;)

prochaskas said...

So glad he's okay, and the truck not as bad as could be.

Laurie-Ann said...

Enola...I am soooo happy your husband is ok.

I come from an area where moose are rampant. I have had a few friends and people I have known just such an accident. Its one of my greatest fears while driving at night in Northern Ontario.

Again...I am so pleased about your husband, but I feel so bad about your truck. That replaceable.

Love Laurie (casey)

jumpinginpuddles said...

wow they do as much dmage as a kangaroo

Kim said...

You know I work in time, I was helping a client with a deer strike accident. I got the police report and the cop obviously had a sense of humor. It said: Driver stated he was NB on main st when deer ran into his path. Deer stated he misjudged how far away the car was and wasn't able to cross in time.

I'm glad DH is okay & your insurance has been so great!

Colleen said...

I am glad your husband is ok. Scary.