Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Could...I Should...

I could write about...I should write about...

  • Husband's first and second therapy appointment - and the progress (or lack thereof)
  • The major differences between men and women - I'm talking Grand Canyon size chasms here
  • three pediatrician visits in two weeks - ending with flu shots for everyone, antibiotics for Bugaboo, and the start of a long winter
  • finding out Husband went over his cell phone minutes again. Last month it cost us $66; this month $103.
  • how my language denigrates dramatically when I'm pissed
  • how sick kiddos mean no sleep for mommies
  • the pride felt when you attend your first parent-teacher conference and learn your Kindergarten child is on a first grade level and the top reader in her class
  • how much saying "you're sorry" sucks after you've name-called
  • how you realize your marriage might just be worth saving when your husband shows concern for you -- and when you catch your son having a "daddy snuggle" moment and then see your daughter and husband playing outside.
  • how you're grateful your husband has massive patience to play endless games of imagination when you are tired after the second time.
  • how sometimes it is a very good thing murder is not legal.
  • how a day in court makes you realize just how disrespectful people have become, all in the name of "tolerance" and how you just can't tolerate skimpy clothes in court, name calling, uh-huh instead of yes sir, cell phones going off in court, hats on head, sunglasses on heads and just plain rudeness.
  • how snuggles with an adorable baby can cure just about anything that ails you.
  • how open and honest communication is hard, hurts and just plain sucks -- but is necessary sometimes
  • how when you point a finger at someone else, you really do have three pointing back at you.
  • how days of hearing about parents that do drugs instead of caring for their children, have more children when they can't afford to care for the ones they have, and who lie down with dogs and then whine when they get fleas -- have caused you to become quite jaded.
  • how hearing your child mimic your attitude is a real eye-opener.
  • how you wish your husband would hear his words from his children - those don't sound so good either
  • how people that try to respond to every situation with humor are really annoying
  • marriage really does take a whole lot of work
  • being imperfect really sucks - no matter what another person does, you've done some wrong too. Comparing levels of wrong doesn't ever result in a good outcome for either person.


lawyerchik said...

I was going to say something funny and/or cheerful, but then I read #19. Hope you get a little bit of a break today (and some rest & relaxation), and that this next week is a good week for you!

Anonymous said...

great list... hope writing it was helpful to you. Sometimes just making such a list bears fruit for me later.

beautifuldreamer said...

You sure have a lot going on!

I too was about to leave a funny comment until I came to item #19 on your list.

Enola said...

You can respond to this situation with humor. It's okay! It's my husband who tries to tease me out of being mad that irks me.