Friday, November 20, 2009

My Turn - Confession

Confession - I am one of those pre-teen screaming high pitched girls trapped in a 34 year old body. I pre-ordered tickets to New Moon. I did, at least, have the sense to recognize that I'm too old to see the midnight show and am waiting until 7 tonight. I'm really excited!

It started when I was on maternity leave and looking for something to read. A friend told me I had to get into the Twilight series. I wasn't interested. She said it brought back all the good and innocent childhood love feelings. Bored, I decided to give it a try.
Four books and one movie, about $80 later, I was hooked. I never buy hardback books - heck I rarely buy books anyway. I usually borrow them. I never buy movies either. But I own all of these.

So why the craze? Why the question - are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? Let me try to explain for you non-Twilight fans.
Edward is a vampire. He is tall, handsome, flawless body. Because he is a vampire, he has cool, pale skin and low body temperature. He is the ultimate romantic. He is very intelligent. He has a great head on his shoulders. He is into the arts and even writes his girlfriend a love song, which he plays on the piano.

Jacob is a werewolf (more accurately a shape-shifter). He is bigger and broader. Warm-bodied. Dark hair, darker skin. He is hot-blooded with a temper to match. He is fierce. He's the consummate "bad boy."

(Edward on left ---------------------- Jacob on right)

Jacob is more physically appealing to me. Something about him being akin to a big teddy bear. There is a scene where Bella is stuck in the cold woods and Jacob uses his wearwolf warmth to wrap around her. Hmm a personal snuggly blanket. I've also always been attracted to dark hair, darker skinned men - the six-pack abs don't hurt either.

I like Edward's personality better though. I'd really like to morph Edward's personality into Jacob's body.

So Husband and I were talking about this movie and he asked why the obsession? He noted that he doesn't usually see women drooling over "half-their age-men" like this. Why the difference between this movie and others?

The difference is this - while I appreciate the six-pack abs, that's not the real attraction. Johnny Depp is supposedly the sexiest man right now. Blech. A hot man with zero personality does nothing for me. The real attraction in this movie is the theme of the Protector.

Jacob and Edward fight to protect Bella. While they both are in love with the same woman, they can put that difference aside to protect her. They fight for her. They are tender in their protection of her. It is that which is attractive to me.

I want the idea of a man who will stay up all night (like Edward) watching me sleep. Just sitting in the corner protecting me. I want a man (like Jacob) who will wrap themselves around me to keep me warm when we are stuck outdoors. I want a man who will take me to romantic meals. I want a man who will sing me lullabies that he has written just for me. I want a man who will ferociously attack the goons in the alley that try to hurt me. I want a man who will lay down his life for me.

The other attraction in this movie is Edward's family. They aren't related in the usual sense. They are a group of vampires brought together because they have a common bond in staying hidden in society. But they are the true sense of family. The fight for each other, pick on each other, but would die for one another. It's that bond that is also attractive.
Lastly, this brings back good childhood memories. Back when romance was innocent. Back when being attracted to boys was a giggly, flighty thing. I don't have many (any) memories of that. But sitting through these movies is pretty close. This movie is about innocence. There are no sex scenes. There's no raunchiness. It is about pure, sweet and innocent love. The kind every young girl fantasizes about (if they've not had those fantasies destroyed). It makes me connect with what could have been.

So where will I be at 7 pm tonight - watching the latest in the Twilight series. I'll be one of those high-pitched squealing women in line with my pre-ordered ticket. Yee-haw!!!!!!!!


16 blessings'mom said...

Nicely put!! I have only read the first book, but some here have read them all. My Evelyn is only 10 years old, and she has read every book, the first one twice. I worry it is all too old for her, but she is obsessed. They really want to go see this new movie, too. I also loved the "family" in the first book.

Tracie said...

I have been hearing everyone go on and on about this Twilight thing, and didn't get what the fuss was about. It all seemed rather stupid to me.....your explanation of it is the first time I have found myself interested in this series. I suddenly feel like I might be getting it...I also might be going to the bookstore tonight and picking up the first book.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm, be careful here. Fantasies of what could have been or could be with half clothed young people is nothing less than soft porn. If it causes a person to visualize and think "what if" it doesn't have to have "xxx" after the title.

I'm on team Garlic with Silver Bullet as the side-kick. ;)

Kahless said...


right over my head!

I guess you are into vamp porn as someone at work calls it!

Anonymous said...

I like your explanation.

I know that even something that apparently innocent can lead to more dangerous fantasizing, especially if it reinforces discontent with existing relationships, but I also know that it is good and healthy to reconnect with what we yearn for, and what relationship is supposed to be like.

You already know that God is your redeemer and protector and provider and lover of your soul -- let these lovely ideas lead you to remember him in these roles.

jumpinginpuddles said...

havent got what the hooohahs about so not for us but have the best fun

Ethereal Highway said...

I hope you had a really nice time at the movie, Enola.

Enola said...

Mssc - I wouldn't call them fantasies. I'd call it healthy re-living of a childhood innocence lost. It's one way I connect with the feelings a "normal" pre-teen would have had. The only "what if" I think is what if I had been able to watch a movie like this at age 10 without my mind going to things like "am I supposed to laugh at this?" or "what if I laugh and no one else laughs?" or "why isn't he doing more like ....."

Anonymous said...

Well that makes much more sense. Thanks for taking time to set me right.