Friday, December 11, 2009

Random Friday Vents

My mouth still hurts from where I bit the out of it after a root canal. The protective skin coating is off and it's raw. Ouch. My jaw still aches too. I really miss coffee but it hurts to drink it.

Munchkin's sedation dentist procedure was moved up to TODAY. I'm glad it is getting done with. I hate that I'm not there and I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear. But Bugaboo is sick with a fever. Well he had a fever yesterday. None today but daycare has that darn 24 hour rule. So Husband is taking both kids with him and I hate being stuck here at work.

(He just called and "it was tough" but she did "okay." She was crying that she wanted Mommy but I told her about the movie and she was better)

Daycare found someone to purchase our spot from Dec 28 - Jan 16. We keep Bugaboo at home and they pay to use our spot. Great since Husband is unemployed and the only reason I haven't pulled Bugaboo completely is that I'm afraid of losing the spot permanently. Except now Husband has a second interview on Monday and they're talking a Jan 1st start date. UGH!!! Him possibly getting a job is great news. Now what about daycare? Luckily I have a friend that offered to take him starting Jan 4th but I hate to ask that of someone. Grrrrr

Husband thinks that because I wrote him a letter "unrestricting" his hunting that he can go all the time and I'll just twist into all sorts of shapes accommodating him. I have tried to be accommodating - paying for daycare for Munchkin so he could hunt all day; cancelling an attorney event we were to attend; rushing around on a court day to accommodate him. What do I get? A pouty, juvenile, foot stomping baby who whines because he (1) missed a deer, (2) didn't see a deer, or (3) shot a deer but couldn't find it. Well guess what? I'm tired of your crap. I put it in writing and am giving it to him to discuss with his Therapist. What is my incentive to accommodate your hunting more? I don't get a thankful, grateful, happy husband in return. So screw you - I'm taking Munchkin and we're going to the movies tonight (a reward for surviving the dentist). Sorry that interferes with your hopes to hunt yet again (4th time this week). It's not on the calendar (despite repeated requests) so I'm going on with my own plans. Plus I just can't stand to be around you right now.

I'm bummed that Husband's interview made it neccessary for him to cancel his therapist appointment on Monday and that he couldn't reschedule until after the holidays. I might have to kill him before then.

I'm tired of crazy clients making threats. We have 4 people on our 'watch list' now that have targeted my group.

Munchkin has been on her best behavior since I "threw out" her gingerbread house kit last weekend. The Elf on a Shelf has been working wonders too. I have her convinced that Elf reports to Santa about her behavior every night. I wonder how I can incorporate this into all holidays. If she is really good this weekend, I think the Elf might bring her a new gingerbread house to work on.


Anonymous said...

"I might have to kill him before then."

Is it wrong that I really did lol when I read that.

Regarding the pouting on his various hunting maladies. Just tell him if he would just stay home and complain he could at least save the gas money.

Whish I had the chance to go hunting. I went once this season and only killed some time.

I've been kinda busy with our 5yr old son. Since October 30 he has had the Swine Flu and strep throat three times! He is scheduled to have his tonsils out on the 16th.

I suppose God will grow up more deer next season. lol

Don't feel bad about your friend providing day care. Sometimes in order to receive a blessing you must be a blessing. Perhaps her blessing you will in turn put her in line for a greater blessing!

Anonymous said...

"4 people on your watch list targeting your group"...does that mean what I think it means? ie. people on your staff who have been physically threatened by crazies you are currently in court against?

Kate said...

Some vitamin e oil applied to the inside of the mouth often helps with healing and to lessen the pain.

Good and healing thoughts to you.