Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sigh of Relief

He got one - a deer, that is. With a gun this time.
I'd like to think the whininess and pouty-ness will end, but I know better.

Last night he announced he was going to use the $$ his parents gave him toward Christmas to pay for before/after school care for Munchkin. That way he could go hunting. I told him Wednesday and Thursday were no good this week. He starts whining about how the weather might not be good Tuesday (today). I told him the weather was not my problem.

After repeatedly asking me if I was sure Tuesday would work, and my repeatedly telling him that I would not object to Tuesday (what he really wanted was for me to give him my blessing and be happy for him going Tuesday), he decided to go.

So then he asks me to email Munchkin's teacher that Munchkin will be in before/after school and should not be put on the bus. I tell him he can do it. He says, "but I can't." I told him very calmly that I was not going to stand in his way, but I was not going to enable him either. He didn't like that very much.

We yelled back and forth and I finally said, "Look I hate you and hunting and I am not going to enable that any more."

He thought I said I hate YOUR hunting. There is a difference in my opinion. I don't mind him hunting. I hate the way he gets and hunting - his obsessiveness.

So anyway, he usurps Munchkin's time on the computer to try to email the teacher. Why he didn't just handwrite a note and put it in her folder, I don't know. Instead of logging my account off, he clicks some button ends up on my Enola account. In the subject part of the message he writes "Munchkin will not ride the bus."

So he sent the teacher an email from "Enola" listing my blog address. Great....now the teacher knows my blog name and that I'm crazy.

Husband said he thought my attitude "stunk" because after all, he did cancel his job interview to stay home with a sick Bugaboo. First of all, I was in court or I would have come home so he could have gone to the interview. Second of all, it makes no sense for me to jeopardize my job so you can go to an interview for a job you might (or might not) get. Third of all, that is your JOB as a PARENT. You don't get some sort of reward or sticker for that. So when he said he earned the right to go hunting I was livid.

He'll want to tell me all about the killing tonight. I don't want to hear it. When hunting becomes less important than family I might show some interest. Until then I'm not interested.


Anonymous said...

sounds like the crazy cycle- I hate those times.hang in there.

16 blessings'mom said...

Okay, her teacher knows your blog (that is always embarrassing, good thing you have written nothing but good things about teacher)...but YOU are NOT crazy. I just want to send you a big hug because your husband is being such a ...never mind.

lawyerchik said...

Well, this is just one more bit of evidence that the world is completely off-kilter!! Sorry about things, Enola - although, venison is good comfort food.....

And, if you want to change the blog address, that would ... might help. Not that there is anything you have any reason to be ashamed of saying, but I know how it is with boundaries, and wanting to keep worlds from colliding.... Hang in there!!


Kahless said...

lol - you are NOT crazy.

I would hate the hunting too. I dont get it.

Anonymous said...

Yeh, that's one of the problems with hunting... there's always a bigger one out there somewhere.

I truly wish I could remember what it was that "snapped" inside me that made me realize that hunting had become THE IDOL in my life.

It makes me sad to read that he is planning on using the $$$ he received from his parents as a Christmas gift to enable himself, not to hunt, but to pay someone to take care of Munchkin.

I can't help but think about the story in the Bible where the little children wanted to go to Jesus and the disciples tried to keep them away. That is until Jesus saw what was going on. He then chastized them and said, "let the little ones come unto me."

Dominion over the animals that creepeth over the land will not come until there is right order.

1) God - 2) Wife - 3) Children 4) me.

Marj aka Thriver said...

I continue to applaud your assertiveness in this area, Enola. I know it's a huge issue. Good work!

Hey, when you get a chance, swing by my blog and "pick up" a little Christmas card I made especially with my bloggy buddies like YOU in mind. Thinking of you!