Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving with my Family

I wrote about the fact that my step-sister was invited to Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's house. We read on facebook that there were some problems with the visitation exchange of her daughter. So we wondered if that would effect the plans.
We never heard from her. Sister and I were not terribly surprised. I'm not sure if it is the habit of not depending on others or what.
We later heard that she got "caught up" at an event with her friends. That's all we heard.
I was a bit disappointed. Only because it would have been nice to see her and catch up. Honestly, the biggest thing was my desire to fish for information about her relationship with Toilet and things that I remember. Some of it I'm sure she told me before, but I was so "out of it" as a child that I would like to hear it again.
What I found really interesting was my mom's reaction to the news. Sister told my mom that Step-sister was invited. My mom initially said, "Sister you just need to put your foot down with Enola and stop letting her invite people." I don't know where that came from, except that I have met up with some people at my sister's house before. But Sister never cared. I think it was just the first thing that came out of mom's mouth. Sister said Mom shut up when Sister said it was her idea. But Sister could tell Mom was pissed.
It's not like Toilet has a relationship with his daughter. I think Mom was afraid of what we might learn and how it might affect things with her. I wonder if she told Toilet and what he said.
I find it interesting to see the reactions of mom and other family members when we dare to break the childhood rules of "don't talk to anyone."


lawyerchik said...

That is one thing that parents fear - at least, ones who don't like others to know about their failures: the children getting together to talk! (Parents who know they made "normal" mistakes and who know their kids love them anyway actually encourage such communication!)

My grandmother used to get so worked up whenever my mom and her sister and/or brother would talk when she wasn't there to monitor! And whatever she was responsible for wasn't anything like your mom and Toilet....

Colleen said...

That old - "Don't talk to anyone about this" rule - that hurts us almost as much as the abuse itself. it is poison.