Monday, December 28, 2009

A Winding Rambling Update

In no particular order -
Christmas - I had a great Christmas. Munchkin was super excited about presents and had to be reminded often about the real meaning of Christmas. Bugaboo was most interested in the wrapping paper, but got into the toys once they were assembled. Munchkin's big toys were a pogo stick, roller skates and an art easel. She has inherited her daddy's artistic ability and is quite good at drawing. Bugaboo got an inflatable ball pit with balls that he delights in throwing everywhere, lots of cars and trucks and a train set. I got a scrapbook table and some other odds and ends. Husband and I bought a Wii as a family gift and have been having fun with it.
Renovations - my sister and her crew are visiting this week. It's always tight adding 5 extra people, plus her dog. So we decided to make the finished part of our basement into a rec room. I went to Roses, Big Lots and the Dollar Store. Spending just $150 made a huge difference. We now have throw rugs on the floor. One is a princess castle and the other is a racetrack. I bought a "coffee table" which is really 3 fabric bins with a table top, on rolling wheels. Perfect for holding blocks and games. I moved all my old papers and stuff onto 2 shelves and organized the desk and my scrapbook stuff. This freed up 4 shelves for games and the kids' toys. I bought two $10 lamps (plastic) and two $10 endtables (PVC pipe). No worries about people putting drinks on them - and I don't care if they get beat up. There is a pull-out couch, a space heater and a big bean-bag chair. Now it looks really homey. I hung old curtains and put Munchkin's easel by the window. Her table and chair set is down there too. It is a great play area and will feel less like a basement when we have visitors.
Visitors - my sister and her crew arrive tomorrow. My sister and BIL are not getting along well. They are sort-of separated. For economic reasons, BIL is living at home, but in their basement. He works second shift and weekends. So he stays downstairs until my sister leaves for work and the kids are off to school. When they get home, he has left for work and doesn't get home until they are in bed. On his one day off, my sister goes to an evening Bible study. On his other day off, he takes the kids out and does something. It is working for them, but difficult during the holidays or when the kids are off from school. They are in counseling - individual and family - and trying to work on things, but not sure of their prognosis. Anyhow, they are all coming down to visit. Sister will sleep in the guest room with her daughter; BIL will sleep in the basement with the two boys. My mother is supposed to come too, unless the weather gives her an excuse to skip out. I last saw her this summer. Mom last saw my sister 2 1/2 years ago. My sister's kids barely know her. The youngest was 4 last time he saw her and hardly has any memory of her. It's going to be awkward for sure. Mom is coming Wed and staying to Thursday (she can't possibly take any time off work after all). I have a therapy appointment set early next week to deal with any fall out.
My Marriage - well hunting season is over which means Husband's attitude should start to improve. He's already talked about how committed he is to finding a job now. We continue to do our own things. My being off from work for the holidays equated to him spending several evenings and one full day hunting. With Bugaboo's lack of good sleeping habits, we haven't shared a bed or bedroom in 3-4 months. Husband keeps talking about sleep-training Bugaboo but hasn't yet - I'm not pushing it. Husband continues with the negative talk, put-downs and talking to me like I'm stupid. The day before Christmas Eve I told him that I was tired of things the way they were and we needed to make it through the holidays and then seriously decide where we were going with our relationship. Husband says he's draw a "line in the sand" and that he is "not changing." I can appreciate his honesty. I guess the ball is in my court now to deal with things as they are or do something about it. The thought makes my head spin.
My Health - I'm tearful a lot. Not sure if is depression or just my sucky marriage, or what. I'm sad a lot, so that makes sense. I've gained well over 50 pounds and have doubled my clothing size. Come New Years Day I've resolved to eat better and lose weight (long with millions of other people). I need to work out more - exercise does help my attitude. On the day after Christmas, Husband left to go hunting. I took the kids to see the new Alvin Chipmunks movie. In my attempt to make a bottle really hot so it would still be warm 1 hour later at the movies, I used boiling water. The bottle bag burst and I spilled boiling water all over me. I now have second degree burns across my stomach. Ouch! They have blistered. I went to the health clinic today and was given care instructions. The practitioner cautioned there might be scars but seriously, who am I going to be baring my belly too?
Situation - I'm on the outskirts of a situation where I see an elderly gentleman acting inappropriately with some pre-teen girls. I've made my concerns known to the appropriate people. I've run a background check (clean) on the guy. I've talked with the parents. My friend had a run-in with this guy and her daughter. Grew appropriately concerned and has limited/stopped contact. She shared her concerns with the appropriate people too. Everyone else thinks we're over-reacting and this guy is just a lonely man who is acting as a surrogate-grandparent to these children. The situation freaks me out. I've had nightmares about my suspicians being proven true. There isn't really anything else I can dob but keep my eyes open, keep my kids away and pray.
Extended Family - I received a card from one step-sister; emails from my other step-sister and step-brother. Nothing from the "boys" - not even an email. My grandmother sent an email to sister and I saying that she was only sending out cards to a few select people. Guess we weren't one of them because I didn't get one. I did get a small email acknowledgement of the gift card I sent her. My great-aunt sent me a wonderful card with a long-handwritten note. That was nice to get.
And Now - back to work. I work today and part of tomorrow. Then off the rest of the week to be with family and celebrate New Years.
Hoping All my Blogging Buddies have a Wonderful New Years and that
2010 is a Great Year for All of Us !


lawyerchik said...

Good job on the basement renovations! That sounds like a good solution! It also sounds like your Christmas is/was normal!! I know other people whose Christmases are/were ... not great either, and while mine was actually pretty cool this year, it was still fraught with delays and not getting things done that I had wanted.

I hope that this new year is one of renewal and blessing for you and your family - my mom has mentioned a couple of times recently that she regrets not having blessed her family more - actually saying blessings over her children, and I wonder if this wouldn't be a good time to start (better late than never, right?).

So, in that vein, here goes:

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He cause His face to shine upon you.

May He lift up His countenance and grant you peace.

May you be as Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel and Leah. May the Lord be with you forever.

May the Lord protect and defend you. May His spirit fill you with grace.

May God Bless you and grant you long life.

Happy new year, Enola!!

beautifuldreamer said...


Did your mother ever make it for Christmas? If so, how did it go?

Ooh, getting burned is no fun. I hope it heals quickly.

Sounds like your holiday was jammed pack. You had some nifty renovation ideas for the basement. It must feel good to be able to have company down there so everywhere doesn't feel quite so crowded.

Hope the new year brings new insights, more peace and lots of blessings!

Anonymous said...


Lord provide you and husband, and sister and BIL, with wisdom, courage, endurance, and much comfort in his love and mercy.

Anonymous said...

lots of stuff going on-just being a mom to two little ones takes a lot of energy-
I also know that feeling of putting on some extra baggage.Drives me nuts sometimes.

Kahless said...

Happy New year to you and your family Enola.

Wii should be good for excercise. I like the Sports Resort!

Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, lots of stress there, Enola. Hope you survived the holidays.

I'm sorry you can't get the appropriate people to do anything about that old man. I know it's frustrating to watch and not be able to stop that kind of behavior. I've walked in those shoes........

Wishing you a Happy New Year!!

Just Be Real said...

Here listening.....