Monday, January 4, 2010

It is 2010 whether I like it or not

So it is January 2010 and time to set goals and resolutions, right? As much as I say I won't be sucked into engaging in such forced changes, I do it every year. I have to admit there are some changes I would like to make. So in no particular order my aspirations are -

Lose Weight and Work Out - I stepped on the scale this morning. Ouch. I am the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I re-committed to weight watchers and paid the joining fee. I also ordered a Wii-fit. While the expenses were more than I hoped, it is certainly cheaper than replacing my wardrobe, yet again. So far, so good. I have a friend that has joined with me and we will try to hold each other accountable.

Get Busier - that sounds odd, but Husband and I have a better relationship when we are busier and have a set rhythm, routine and schedule. I guess the better thing to say would be to get into a pattern. Mondays he will have Bible study. Tuesdays I will be teaching a Bible study. Wednesdays is mid-week service. Thursdays Munchkin has cheerleading. Fridays are free. Saturdays through March, Munchkin has a game (cheerleading) and Sunday is church. So Mondays I will be home with the kids and have "me time" after they are in bed. And Husband will have the same on Tuesday. On Thursdays we can take turns having one-on-one time with Bugaboo versus dropping Munchkin off and heading to the coffee shop for some free time.

Work on Marriage - I realized, with some outside perspectives being given, that I'm turning into a Nag. I'm determined to stop that. Husband and I are trying the Love Dare marriage series at church. And we'll sign up for some marital counseling. It's do or die time for our relationship.

That is it. I could write more but I want to focus on quality versus quantity.

What about you? Anything you are working on?


beautifuldreamer said...

As a matter of fact, I just wrote a post on this subject regarding my "non" resolutions.

I'm happy to hear that you and hubby are going through the marriage series, and that you are both willing to work on your issues. It sounds like you've got some worthy goals and a workable schedule.

Here's hoping that things will go better for you and yours during this new year which is suddenly upon us!

Anonymous said...

I am going to try that ubiquitous fitness thing, too. I'll take some of the free fitness classes at Mark's school, for starters.

lawyerchik said...

Those sound like good things, Enola! I pulled up the "couch potato to 5K" list (again!) for this year, and in keeping with the whole "structure is good" theme, I picked three road races to shoot for this year.

We should check in periodically to see how we're doing - although that can backfire..... :) Happy new year!!

April_optimist said...

I've resolved to do something new every week.

I'm reading a book on relationships by Gay Hendricks that I really like. Makes me wish these ideas had been possible in my marriage.

Good luck with your resolutions!

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you! Healthy marriages take lots of humility and committment, looking @ our part in the equasion. you're doing those things. You've come a long way since we first crossed paths (both personally and in your marriage) I'm thankful for your friendship.

Cynthia said...

Hello Enola, I've got Depersonalization Disorder, and I've also decided to lose weight in 2010, 40 pounds to be exact. I'm using the SparkPeople web site. So far, so good. I'm tracking my food consumption on their nutrition tracker. I try to get out and walk when I can, but it's bitter cold here. I'll get more exercise when the weather warms up. Good luck to you.