Monday, February 8, 2010

A New Season


The seasons are changing here. Hunting season is over and we have moved on to Nascar season. The twist this year is that due to Husband losing his job, we cancelled all but the most basic of cable. So we no longer get the Speed channel. No fear though - husband has friends that have the Speed channel. And he has discovered the power of the internet -- where he has learned how to watch every race in the history of Nascar online.

You may recall that last year I won a scrapbook trip. When I went to book the trip, the best weekends were this upcoming weekend and a weekend in march bordering spring break. Those are the two weekends which were free and which we would have the place to ourselves. I ruled out spring break because we may try to take a family trip. I ruled out this next weekend because it is Valentine's day. It never occurred to me to be gone with the girls over Valentine's Day. So we're going another time in March - we'll be there with another group but that's okay. It will still be fun (and free).

Husband asked me if I preferred to go out Friday or Saturday night to dinner. He made plans for Saturday. After asking me (again) for the sitter's name and number, he called her. Bad weather postponed the annual father-daughter dance from last week to this Friday. Weather permitting, I planned a family outing for Sunday to celebrate Valentine's day. So it looked like a pretty full weekend.

Apparently Husband assumed I would not make any plans and that dinner out was enough. Because he made plans to go watch..........the Daytona 500 race with some old work friends. He'll leave right after church lest he miss the pre-race festivities and be gone all afternoon to early evening.

This last week he went out to watch some other Nascar pre-event. He's spent hours online watching nascar races on youtube and googling crashes. He came home from his friend's whining about all the rule changes and how boring the race was. Not one ounce of gratitude for a night out. Not one remark about how nice it was to get out of the house. Not one positive remark at all.

What does this remind me of? Hunting. He pours 100% of his time and energy into nascar. Spends hours looking at nascar on the internet. His attitude is determined by the outcome of the races. Has he spent any time figuring out where we are going for dinner Saturday? Nope. Has he made reservations? Nope. There is no way we'll get in anywhere in town without reservations. Guess we'll be eating at McDonalds.

So while the hunting season is over, the Nascar season has just begun. It ends in the fall -- just in time for hunting to begin again. Over and over.

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I can feel your frustration and anger.