Monday, February 15, 2010

That's My Girl

One of my main goals is to teach my daughter to stand up for herself. I want her to be self-assured and confident. She is now 6 years old and since starting school there have been lots of opportunities to teach her how to assert herself.

My FIL is a kidder, always picking on people. He repeats the same one-liners over and over. For instance, he'll say to Munchkin, "Let's just skip the party and go take a nap." Then he'll say, "Oh yes Munchkin, it is nap time." Over and over and over.

Munchkin mentioned to me several months ago that she didn't like Pop-Pop picking on her all the time. We talked about how she might handle the situation. I also mentioned it to Husband and asked him to mention it to his father. Of course, he didn't. He can't say anything that might be perceived as negative or critical to his father. So I worked with Munchkin.

This last visit, Pop-Pop was picking on her again and again. This time he kept rubbing her head with his fist, messing up her hair. The first few times she laughed. Then she said, "stop." When he did it again she said, in a very loud and stern voice, "Stop Pop-Pop. I said stop and stop means stop!" He stopped and said, "Munchkin, I'm sorry." I gave her a thumbs up and went in the other room to dance for joy.

How can such a simple thing bring me such pride and joy? Because I never would have said such a thing. I would have been accused of being overly sensitive. I am so proud of her for sticking up for herself. I'm glad that Pop-Pop respected her setting a boundary. It's a small lesson in the scheme of life, but an important one nevertheless. One that I am so grateful she learned.


Tracie said...

Good for her! I am so proud of her for being assertive (and it is really good that your FIL listened to her!)

What great lessons you are teaching her!

beautifuldreamer said...

Most of us as children were not taught that it was okay to speak up when we didn't like the way we were treated--especially if the treatment was from an adult.

This is a great lesson to teach Munchkin! I'm pleased to see you're teaching her this at a young age. Also, that you went ahead and taught her how to be assertive rather than wait for your hubby to talk to his dad.

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Lynx217 said...

Thank you for teaching the girl this. I too have had a hard time standing up for myself most of my life, and it's a harder-lesson-learned the older we get. I hope she does it soon in front of her father so he sees it's ok to stand up to an adult now and then.

Ethereal Highway said...

This reminds me of something --

When my littlest was about a year old, an old man came up to us in Home Depot and started going on about how cute she was. Then he started in with sexist crap all the while acting like he was just joking. He said how valuable kids are, etc. and then said something to the effect that little boys are even MORE valuable. Well... my very cute little baby yelled at him. No kidding. She shook her finger at him and screamed, "NO!! UH UH!!" It was hilarious.

Good for you, Enola. We have to teach them young.

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Anonymous said...

That is just wonderful that your six year old little girl stood up to a grown man. :)

You are doing an amazing job!

I need some good news today.

Kahless said...

Well done you and well done Munchkin!

April_optimist said...

You're a fabulous mother! I'm thrilled for her and I'm thrilled for you.

Rising Rainbow said...

Way to go for both of you! She sure wouldn't be able to do that without you backing her. You're such a great mom!