Monday, April 12, 2010

Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse - get your submissions in

WHAT - the blog Carnival against Child Abuse hosted this month by me

DATES - Submissions due to me by April 21st. Publication on April 23rd.

HOW - submit here or email submissions to me at

THEME - Along the Path of Healing - I've noticed that through my progress in recovery from child abuse, I've tended to align myself with others that are similarly situated along the path of the healing process. This is not a bad thing, but sometimes it helps to read posts from others that are at different stages than you. Whether it reminds you how far you've come or gives you hope to continue plugging along, reading about others' healing journeys can be inspirational. So, this month, write about your own healing process. If you are toward the "end" (if there is such a thing), what would you say to those just starting out? If you are at the beginning, where do you want to be in 5 years? What does "healed" look like to you?
I am especially interested in those that have been blogging awhile who may have written a post at the beginning of their healing process predicting how things would look later. How does it read now, in retrospect?


Q - What is a Blog Carnival?
A - it is a collection of blog articles. The host (which is me this month) collects links to articles written by different bloggers and lists them all here in one place.

Q - What's the point?
A - to gather a group of people interested in a specific subject; to encourage people to read other blogs; to connect those interested in a subject to blogs featuring articles of interest. This Carnival focuses on Child Abuse.

Q - Is there a theme?
A - Yes, BUT you are not limited to the theme (see more below).

Q - What if I don't have a theme-related post?
A - You can submit any post that relates to Child Abuse. On the submission page you will be asked to pick a category of - Advocacy & Awareness; Aftermath; Healing & Therapy; In the News; Poetry; or Survivor Stories. Pick one that fits best but do not be overly concerned about it. There is no "right" answer. I'll reorganize so that it makes sense.

Q - I can't figure this submission stuff out. Can you help?
A - send me your submission directly - I'll also try to answer questions.

Q - My blog is not about Child Abuse but I want to submit. Can I?
A - Yes, your blog does not need to be about Child Abuse - just your blog post.

Q - Can I submit an older blog post?
A - Of course.

Q - Can I submit more than 1 post?
A - Absolutely.

So please consider submitting. I would especially love to hear from bloggers that have never submitted anything. If you have questions, contact me.


Marj aka Thriver said...

Love the theme and love how you included the FAQ's. Great idea! Thanks so much for hosting for us again, Enola. I'll go get this listed over at Blog Carnival Dot com.

cerebralmum said...

I think this theme is wonderful and I am really looking forward to reading it. And writing something for it too. (Now that I'm back online.)