Sunday, June 20, 2010

4th Anniversary - Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse

Four years -- Wow! Check out the anniversary edition here!

General Update

I've not written in awhile or often. I find myself thinking I should shut down my blog, but then I remind myself that I write for me - not for others. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy the relationships I've formed with other bloggers. But the primary purpose of blogging is to have my own diary.

My lack of blogging is not that there isn't anything going on. Rather it is that there is too much going on. In addition my laptop keyboard hates me. It eats my letters. There is a delay between my hitting a key and it appearing on screen. Then it randomly scrambles letters too. But enough of that.

I survived Munchkin's first year of school. She did amazingly well. She was promoted to first grade, and is already reading on a third-grade level. She has lost both er front teeth which I think is adorable.Bugaboo is an active toddler. He sure has figured out this walking bit. We are getting into the terrible 2 stage rapidly and he definitely has a mind of his own. Husband got a job - a new, new one. The first new one only lasted a few weeks because they wanted him to work 7 days a week. Now he works Mon - Fri, but it is second shift. For the summer that is not so bad - he gets to be home with the kids some before Munchkin goes to summer camp and Bugaboo to daycare.

Our church is experiencing major problems. Aside from the issue I posted about recently, there are other issues which causing turmoil and people are leaving left and right.

Work is great. I am doing more child welfare cases and really enjoying it. Even if it does step on toes. I could not have done this even one year ago but now I am ready to kick me some deadbeat parents' butts.

So if you've not updated in awhile leave a note saying how you are. What's new with you?